Weekly Horoscope for Feb 14 - Feb 20
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Weekly Horoscope for Feb 14 - Feb 20

February 14, 2021 by Psychic Christine x4063
Horoscope for the week of February 14, 2021

Yes, Mercury is still in retrograde until February 20, which includes Valentine’s Day. But do not default to fear - instead be mindful that anything can happen, including finding what/who you are looking for! Wed, Feb 17th, Saturn and Uranus square for the first of three times in 2021. This will be a time or turmoil and needed changes. On February 19th, the First Quarter Moon rises in Gemini while Venus and Mars square.

But on the upside, Mercury Retrograde finally ends on Feb 20th. Yay!


Valentine's Day can still be enjoyable, just listen with your heart (not your head) and do not try too hard or ruffle others feathers. It is just not worth it.


Love is within your grasp this week, but you’ll need to be more open and flexible than typical. This year, celebrating Valentine’s Day at home may be your best fit.


New opportunities will start showing up this week, so welcome the energy of abundant change in your life! Exercise increased caution when driving/traveling.


Be respectful of your partner or date this Valentine’s day. You will most likely be looking at virtually everything from opposite directions. Leave plenty of space and time if the energy gets too intense.


Love and relationships are testing you. Pause and take your time with negotiation - do not rush into any arbitration. You may be better off finding a compromise than fighting to the bitter end.


Those in an established relationship who have been open to making changes will begin to experience the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ – yay! However, those who are still in a state of significant conflict will likely end the relationship sooner rather than later.


Those who know you well understand your trigger points and can set you off. Spend plenty of time this week in nature, and other reflective spaces, to strengthen your neutrality over reactivity.


If love is intensifying, flow with the love and deepen the connection. However, if you are getting mixed signals or the fire is dampening, pull back and re-evaluate.


You have a lot to be proud of, but you need to reduce the intensity and volume of your ego - and decide to be more humble and open to others ideas.


This could be the week to be raw and real and dig deep to show your true romantic side to the one that matters most.


Romance can be special, but personal growth and projects that light you up inside will be a priority this week. You can choose to relax and find more harmony overall if you feel imbalances in other parts of your world.


This week is a very powerful time - imagine you are on retreat and invest time in expressing your creativity in new or varied ways. By tuning into your inner knowing, this will also allow a blossoming of your talents and abilities.

Psychic Christine x4063
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