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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Call Back

Our Psychics are popular – we know! And sometimes your go-to will be busy talking to other customers or unavailable. But don’t let that discourage you from getting psychic advice – we got your back! With our convenient Call Back feature, you can get in line to talk to your Psychic, and when it’s your turn for a phone reading we’ll give you a Call Back – easy as that!

Getting Started

Get in Line by Web or Phone: Getting in line for a Call Back from your Psychic is simple, AND you can get in as many lines as you like!

  • Online: Are you looking to connect with a specific Psychic? Visit your Psychic’s bio page and click the “Call Back” button.

  • By Phone: Give us a call at 1.866.866.5949 and follow the menu options to request a Call Back from your Psychic.

Get in Line

Confirm Your Call Back Number: Confirm the phone number for your Call Back. Make sure your Caller ID Block is turned OFF and that you can receive calls from toll-free (800) telephone numbers.

Confirm Your Availability: In Sight Rewards members, You’ve got 72 hours! Non-rewards members have 24 hours. Let us know how long you are available to receive a Call Back.

Save Your Call Back: Click the Save Call Back button to get in line for a reading. For your convenience, we’ll let you know your position in line, and the number of customers who may not be ready for their Call Back – this info will give you a little insight on timing and your place in line.

Get Another Perspective

While you wait for your Call Back, why not get a reading from another inspirational Psychic! If you receive your Call Back during another reading, we’ll send you a tone alert with the option to switch Psychics or to stay on the line. If you choose to continue your reading, you won’t lose your place in the Call Back line – we do suggest updating your availability window.

Canceling a Call Back

Need to cancel? No biggie, it happens! Here’s what to do:

  • View your Call Back list by visiting your main account page or the Manage Call Back tab located in your account.

  • Click the Leave Line link next to your scheduled Call Back to cancel.

Extend Your Availability

Need to extend your availability? No prob.

  • Sign in to your account and visit the Manage Call Back tab.

  • Next to your settings, click the “Edit” button and choose up to a 72-hour extension for Insight Rewards members; up to a 24-hour extension for non-rewards members. Feel free to repeat this step as many times as necessary to ensure you receive your Call Back.

*Important:  If your availability is about to run out, and you have yet to receive your Call Back, please make sure you extend your availability to remain in your Call Back line.

Missing Your Call Back

Don’t miss out on receiving intuitive guidance from your Psychic. Here are some tips to avoid missing your Call Back and how you can stay in line:

  • Please be sure you have a minimum of $5 on your account. You must maintain this minimum balance to receive your Call Back.

  • While your signed in, if your account falls below the minimum requirement, you’ll see an alert icon next to the “Manage Call Back” tab. Please add dollars to your account to stay in line.

  • If you haven’t already received your Call Back, make sure you extend your availability window. FYI: It’s up to you to extend your availability window to maintain your place in line. In some cases, technical, device, or operational issues will prevent you from updating your availability and/or cause you to lose your place in line. Please contact Customer Support, and we’ll do our best to investigate the issue and/or return you to your approximate place in line.

Check Your Email for Updates

Once you’ve entered a Call Back line, we’ll keep you posted via email on important updates including:

  • Insufficient account balance

  • Missed Call Backs

  • Rescheduling your availability

  • Removal from Call Back line