Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Psychic Medium Readings

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What is a Psychic Medium?

You've heard of a Psychic Medium and prob saw a movie or two about a Spiritual Medium (hello, Whoopi Goldberg!), but what exactly does a Psychic Medium do? The gift of psychic mediumship is the ability to connect with the deceased and bridge the gap between life here on earth and the other side. A trusted Psychic Medium can open the line of communication and relay messages, help you find closure, and express wisdom from a higher frequency. A real psychic medium reading here at PathForward is an out-of-this-world experience that can change your entire perspective of life after death. 

Clairvoyant vs. Psychic Mediumship Readings – what's the difference? 

Both options are just so, so good. Clairvoyant readings are visionary or future-focused. Curious when a promotion at work is going to come through? Want to know when you'll meet "the one" or if your ex is going to come back? A Clairvoyant Psychic has the answers. An online medium reading is all about spirit. A real Psychic Medium will channel messages from loved ones who've crossed over and share deep wisdom from ancestors. We also have Psychics who are Clairvoyant Mediums (woah!) who use their gift of foresight and connection to spirit to provide advice and predictions from your guides, guardian angels, and lost loved ones. 

How A Real Psychic Medium Connects to Spirit

From sight to smell to sound, a Psychic Medium is a master of intuitive senses. While they all have their own practices, some may use a mix of metaphysical gifts and divination tools to channel info from the other side. Some Clairvoyant Mediums may use the gift of clairvoyance to see and use these visions to describe a spirit’s appearance or an object such as an article of clothing that validates their presence. Other authentic Psychic Mediums may use the tool of clairaudience to hear the voices of the deceased.

Psychic Medium Reading Expectations

Prefer a quick reading? That’s what DMs are for! We do love our one-minute wonders, but a psychic medium reading requires more time. Because as much as we'd love to flip a switch and BOOM! great grandma in da house, tuning into a higher frequency requires deeper intention. Using channeling techniques such as meditation and prayer, a professional Spiritual Medium will focus deeply on making a clear connection to your loved one. Connection to Spirit is sacred and shouldn’t be rushed. That’s why customers love the appointment feature. Booking an appointment with an online psychic medium is a great way to prep mentally and emotionally for your reading while enjoying a no rush, dedicated time slot that complements your schedule. Some Spiritual Mediums may even request additional info about who you’d like to connect with, so be open so you can receive the most divine insight.

How a Psychic Mediumship Reading Can Help You

Are you curious about mediumship but not sure how psychic mediumship can help you? We got you, boo! From finding closure to connecting with a past loved one to making sense of paranormal activity in your home, a psychic mediumship reading covers all bases. Here are a few situations that would benefit from an online medium reading:

Closure After Loss

If you recently lost someone (sending hugs) and feel there were words left unsaid, a Psychic Medium can help you process your grief and find closure and acceptance. Unexpected deaths due to tragic events or illnesses can be so confusing and can feel impossible to move on from. A psychic mediumship reading can help you heal from the pain and answer the question of "why." Through channeled messages and details of your time together here on earth, an Empath Medium will remind you that although your loved one is no longer in physical form, their soul and spirit lives on and is always with you. 

Psychic Mediumship and Hauntings 

Brrrr! Did the temperature just drop? Or do you have an unwanted roomie who isn't paying rent? If you think your home is haunted, ask an online Psychic Medium about it! A Spiritual Medium can tap into your energetic environment and reveal who (or what) is haunting your space. If this ghost or spirit has been trying to tell you something, your Psychic Medium can channel the message and help the spirit transition to the other side. Whether you've got friendly Casper or something more ominous, a Spiritual Medium will help you understand why this otherworldly energy is vying for your attention.

Ancestors and Past Life Mediums

Do you feel a deep calling to your heritage? Talk or chat with a Psychic Medium about it! Your ancestors are divine beings full of knowledge and some of which you may have known in a past life – so cool, we know! A past life medium reading will connect you to your roots and reveal information about who you were and how your past life influences who you are today.

Validation of Messages from Spirit

Are you experiencing signs, lucid dreams, or smelling a familiar perfume that reminds you of someone? Maybe you keep hearing a song that your grandfather played or find random objects that make you think of a loved one. A spirit may be saying hello or trying to send you an important message. Don't ignore the signs! Get validated by phone or medium online chat and get the greatest gift of all – a message from the other side! 

Professional PathForward Psychic Medium Readings 

A professional Psychic Medium at PathForward will help you heal from loss, connect with loved ones, and relay messages and guidance from your angels and ancestors. There are several communication styles of mediumship - we've got Empath Mediums, who are exceptionally compassionate to sensitive times, and Spiritual Mediums, who specialize in love and relationships as well as energy healing. An accurate Psychic Medium reading is an enlightening and heartwarming experience that you'll never forget.

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Psychic Judy x7037

Judy x7037

4½ stars

$5.00 $1.00/min
Connect until 12:58 pm EST
Psychic Titus x4059

Titus x4059


$5.00 $1.00/min
Connect until 11:30 am EST
Psychic Mayhayley x4170

Mayhayley x4170

3½ stars

$5.00 $1.00/min
Connect until 12:00 pm EST

Are you seeking a multi-layered reading? Many of our Psychic Mediums specialize in other life topics such as love, sex, and romance, energy healing, and astrology! Browse Our Psychics and use the “Filter” tool to fine-tune your Psychic selection.