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Direct Messages


Yep, that’s a Direct Message!

While your insta may have DMs that make you want to (eye-roll) cringe, the direct messages you receive from PathForward are ones you'll look forward to –  nothing but inspiration here! We know, PathForward is already the coolest psychic service ever, but to add another cherry to the cupcake of features, you can receive DMs in your account from your trusted Psychic.

After your reading, your Psychic may send you a personal DM that includes after thoughts, advice, and additional steps you can take to overcome challenges. And sometimes, your Psychic may wish to simply check in to see how you are progressing on your PathForward. Now that you got the DM rundown, let's get you fully informed on how account DMs work.

You got questions. We got answers.

First things first, you need to be signed in to access your DMs. Locate your DMs on the left-hand side of your account navigation or the top right-hand corner of your account home page. Like a mobile email app, you'll see an 3 icon notifying you of how many unread DMs you have in your account.

You can receive DMs from Psychics you've had readings with in the past 90 days. Keep in mind that not all Psychics send DMs – it all depends on whether that Psychic has additional advice or wishes to follow-up. However, you may receive DMs on the regular from PathForward, informing you of new web features, info, news, and inspiring content suggestions. 

Absolutely! You can reply one-time to your Psychic’s DM by clicking on the reply button. Simply type your message and hit send. Please note that your Psychic may or may not reply to your DM.

Your DM from your Psychic is here to stay unless you want to delete it. Click the icon to permanently delete a DM. The length of time that DMs from PathForward are stored varies and depends on content relevancy.

Paperclips are the best! When you see a paperclip, that means your Psychic or PathForward attached something to your DM. What that something is...well that’s a fun little mystery you’ll have to open to solve.

Yaas! Need we say more?

While there is no way to stop DMs from coming through to your account, you can delete or simply ignore them. We hope to provide a DM preference setting in the future based on customer demand.


Check your DMs daily! Never miss out on exclusive content from PathForward and personal DMs from your Psychics! You'd be surprised to find that one piece of advice you didn't know you needed to hear may be waiting for you.