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Weekly Horoscope for September 19 – September 25

Be aware and prepare this week! With a Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th, things can get a little messy. And further complicating the plot, September 22nd is the Autumn Equinox. Key Energies of this week are Soulfulness, Deception, Seduction, and Disappointment. Ups and downs and extremes continue in both love and in bank accounts. Stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.

September continues to be a good month for you financially. Expect regular influx of money and abundance, hooray! Also beneficial, your expenses and out flow of money will be reasonable, expected, and modest overall. How refreshing!

The earth element is more than a physical aspect for Taurus. It is also very much a psychological mindset and attitude as well. Helpful tip: if a Taurus does not see a practical value in an action, they will simply avoid and deny the need completely. This week, be aware of this tendency.

Wrap-up important activities now, prior to the potent Mercury Retrograde coming next week. Open up to learning more about the moon and how it impacts you. The moon is your money planet. Trust and go deep with the emotional side of life this week.

Your finances are dependable and neutral, be grateful. Cancerians are all about feelings and do not trust logic. The phrase, ‘follow your heart’ clearly lines up with the sign of Cancer. Be aware when you get triggered that the solid barrier of emotional walls appear quickly.

Your personal life is not a priority this week. Instead, work and money are at the top of your list. If your marriage has been precarious, listen and trust dear relatives who have a unique perspective compared to your own. It is worth slowing down and tuning in.

Be open to change now. Romance is heading in a complicated direction as your love planet will soon be in retrograde. Many single people will find someone new during this transition time. Even if the connection starts casual, it will become clear to both of you that there is much more here to discover. Not all connections have an immediate spark, so do not rush things - you have ample time.

At work and in life, admit and accept your true opinions and values in this every changing world. You may need to stray from the overall consensus and stand confidently in your own truth and beliefs. Do not be held back or shadowed by others’ loud opinions and outlooks.

Times are opening up for more favorable times for single people. Fascinating and unusual people are on the horizon and many options are open to you. This could be a new friend, neighbor, or one on the same spiritual path as you. Happiness will come to you.

Those moving far away will be busy with the various tasks of setting up a new household and establishing work that fits on all levels and just feels right. Focus on the foundation of your new life, but do not expect instant success.

Your personal life is going through some positive and much needed changes this week. You may need to find common ground with children in your life - it will greatly pay off if you invest more in listening than speaking. Make time to relax and have fun together.

Your ninth house is heading into a powerful period. This is wonderful news for college students in that this strengthens support in your studies. It also opens doorways to deepen study of religion, theology, and philosophy. Even if you are not an active student, positive educational opportunities will arise this week for you.

You are continuing your spiritual journey this week. Your biggest challenge is keeping your feet on the ground. You have a tendency to be dreamy and forgetful. You are experiencing deepened friendships which are enriching and evolving before your eyes – while some in your past social circles will need to be purged.

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