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Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscope for June 13 – June 19

Saturn and Uranus clash this week, with the alignment clicking on June 14. Reach for sustainable and significant changes in your life. What could that mean for you? That it is never too late to make important changes in your life. Tune into and trust your higher wisdom while you cut out or at least strengthen your boundaries with those close to you and others who impact you.

Financial concerns may magnify this week, resulting in personal and professional losses. Prepare yourself mind, body, and spirit for some challenging times. You can modify how you respond through intense self-care instead of a knee-jerk reaction because you do not trust your inner awareness. Also, be aware and look ahead for warning signs.

Finances will be quite challenging at this time both at home and work – both in terms of cash flow and investments. Ground your energy and ask the Universe to shine a light on better choices and options. Maybe a night to sleep on it will bring a few new options to the table.

Cash flow and overall finances are all over the place this week. Your incoming funds will be consistent, yet your expenses are likely to take a sharp increase. You may also be experiencing an increase in stress and an overall rollercoaster of emotions. Get plenty of sleep and down time to minimize this impacting you at work or with family and friends.

Be extra cautious with finances right now. Any significant risk with money is not worth taking right now. Whether you feel this tightness around money more at work, or more on the personal front, the advice is the same. Money is flowing out non-stop. Trust your instincts, and save as much money as possible.

Tune into your true satisfaction with your job and career path. This is about much more than just how much money you are being paid or being offered. Who you work with and who you work for has tremendous impact on your work-life balance and overall attitude about life. Trust your gut instincts!

Cashflow and expenses are sending stressful signs this week - and this may continue. Even though expenses are rising, you do have money coming in consistently. Keep finding solutions and answers to the uncomfortable situations instead of focusing on your fears and sense of lack. That kind of thinking only drags you down on all levels.

Many Libra’s are dealing with messy family situations this week. Children in particular are creating rising costs, bringing increased anxiety and stress. Expenses are rising now, and your financial picture feels daunting. Recharge your batteries on all levels. Most of this appears to be related to personal and family relationships taking financial uncertainties to extreme levels.

Increasing expenses and money draining from you all the time will be a challenging and exhausting experience for you this week. While this may not be easy to wrap your head around and resolve, there is incoming hope for minor relief. This will be showing up both at work and at home in the near future.

Life at home feels more exciting than it has recently - and certainly more lively than work, lol. You may very well be making progress with plans that have been in motion for some time. Distractions will appear, yet your focus will be on balance and happiness at home. Believe that, in time, all bumps in the road will work out.

New ideas and possibilities are blooming for you, how exciting! This is the start of actually benefiting from all the hard work and effort you have been putting in for far too long. Be very focused and action oriented this week as you look for a new partner at home or at work - trust your instincts.

Focus this week on treating your loved ones with genuine love and care. Please ask questions and clarify when you are in a situation where you lack confidence or expertise. Take the time to read instructions with care. Enjoy the extra energy and abundance you feel, and keep spreading your joy forward to those you know and even more especially to strangers.

Feel into your connection with friends and those at work this week. Stop investing your time, effort, and energy on those that do not really matter to you. Instead, embrace the connections that strengthen and empower you. Your Mantra for this week in, “Confidence is my key to success this year, at home and at work.”

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