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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!


As a customer, getting that clarity you desire in your readings is important, but so is pricing clarity before making a purchase. PathForward customers appreciate and value our price transparency, meaning, our prices are always clearly defined, stated and marked for your convenience. While making the connection with a Psychic has a price tag…the life-changing, intuitive guidance you receive is oh so priceless!

Let's Break It Down: Pricing Explained

We want to make a fantastic first impression on you!

New Customer
Welcome Offer

Here's How it Works:
  • Experience a full-on connection with a Psychic for just $1 per minute.

  • Choose from one of our welcome packages to get you started - we have something for everyone!

  • Connect with one Psychic or explore others while taking advantage of this special rate per minute. Whether you choose to have a few short readings or one long one, we want to ensure you get the most out of this welcome offer.

  • Choosing a lengthier welcome package is encouraged as we’d like your experience with our service to meet your expectations. We’re confident you’ll be inspired, and that PathForward will become your trusted go-to for supportive guidance.

Are you a new customer?

Build rapport, get to know our Psychics, and take the first proactive step forward on your journey.

Everyday Pricing and Rates Per Minute

After you've experienced our service for the first time, our regular pricing and rates per minute will take effect. Not to worry … You already know how impressive PathForward is.

Here's What You Can Expect Going Forward:
  • Connect with a motivating Psychic by phone or chat, starting at just $5.00 per minute.

  • Enjoy your readings on your time - a quick chat or an extended, deeper connection, you have the freedom to make your readings as long or as brief as you wish.

  • Our Price Transparency: Price per minute is clearly marked on all psychic listings and stated over the phone before connection.

Ready for more? Get supported with a reading.

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  • More readings = More rewards - you could be earning up to $45 Rewards Dollars per calendar month!

  • Brand new customer? You'll love our PathForward Newbie Customer Offer.

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