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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Your Rewards In Sight

Here's What You'll Get

Elevate your PathForward experience with longer readings, deeper conversations, more clarity, and instant savings. Join In Sight Rewards today to unlock extra perks and start earning Rewards Dollars on every single purchase. More dollars mean more reading time, and less cutting yourself short from the guidance you need to move forward. Joining In Sight Rewards is fast, easy, and free – say what!? Getting the absolute most out of your psychic reading experience, well, you owe that to yourself and your wallet too.

Rewards for Your Purchases

In Sight Rewards Customers earn 3% Rewards Dollars on every single purchase. Who says no to free dollars anyway?

*Your Rewards Dollars expire after 48 months, if you haven’t used your PathForward account.

Rewards for Your Readings

More readings = more rewards! You can earn up to $45 Rewards Dollars during a calendar month for your psychic readings - how inspiring!

Extra Perks

Get an extra 48 hours of availability for Call Backs! So, when you line up for a chat with your go-to Advisor, you can choose your Call Back availability for up to 72 hours, instead of just 24. That means less clicking around every day – more time for the good stuff!

How to Join In Sight Rewards

2 Steps & You're In:

More Rewards Dollars means longer psychic readings. Gain all the clarity, insight, and life-changing guidance without having to cut yourself short. Your future and your wallet will thank you for this one.


Visit the “In Sight Rewards” tab in your account and click join. Just you wait…You’re going to love the exclusive In Sight Rewards Special Offers!


Take a positive step forward in your PathForward journey and join In Sight Rewards today.