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Leaving Feedback

Need a good karma boost? Uh yeah, who doesn't? Well, an easy way to up the ante is by leaving feedback about your Psychic readings. At PathForward, we encourage you to keep it real and share your reading experiences. Positive or negative, your feedback eases the guesswork of finding and choosing a new Psychic. Helping yourself and others make the connection with an honest, genuine review — priceless.

Leaving Feedback: How to Keep it Real

On a Scale of 1-5

Was your reading a perfect 5? Or perhaps it was more like a 3? Rate your psychic reading on a scale of 1-5 stars. All it takes is a click to submit.

Words are Powerful

What stood out the most? Write a short review of your reading. We suggest highlighting the most valuable bits of information others would find helpful.

Save the Private Stuff for Later

TMI overload is a no-go. Please keep personal information out of your reviews. Phone numbers, names, private details, addresses... you get the idea.

Log private details of your readings in the "Private Notes" tab.

Don't Lose Your Cool

Good or bad, we accept and publish both kinds of reviews. Feedback containing profanity, slander and inappropriate or disrespectful content will not be posted. So please, keep it professional.

Be Fair-Minded

Objectivity is key to providing an honest and factual review. Customers genuinely appreciate feedback not based on personal emotions.

Keep the Good Karma Coming

After your reading, we recommend reviewing your Psychic right away while the experience is still fresh in your mind.

Where to Leave Feedback

Visit Review Readings in your account to view the list of readings you've had in the last 90 days.

  • Only those readings lasting 3 minutes or more are eligible for leaving feedback.
  • After you submit your review, it will shift to the "Review History" tab. You cannot edit submitted reviews.
  • Your feedback will post in about 1-2 business days.

Take notes about your Psychic reading in the "Private Notes" tab.

  • Logging personal details is a great way to remember vital information revealed in your readings.