The Crown Chakra
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Chakra Cleansing Guide

The Crown Chakra

What is the Crown Chakra and Where is it Located?

Imagine a sweet little baby. The soft spot, an area on the head that is incomplete at birth and forms entirely around the age of 2 years old, is a perfect reference area for the origin of the energy of the Crown Chakra. This area is easily located by running the hands along the top of the head until you feel a small indent about 2-4 inches behind the hairline towards the middle of the head. This area is the seat of the Crown Chakra, which radiates its beautiful energy in a crown-like field around our heads.

Now that we know the crown chakra’s location, we can further discuss what this energy center does. The Crown Chakra's Function is to enhance our interaction and communication with the source of universal energy. A way to understand this can be summarized in the simple mantra: I Know.

Know what? Oh, just the big stuff; why are we here on this planet during this time in history, and for what purpose? These questions and others can be answered by being attentive to the Crown Chakra and learning to work with its subtle energy that links us to the Universe and source. The energy of the Crown Chakra can be described as a purple or white light that acts as a tether up to the sky, connecting us to a higher plane of knowledge. Crown Chakra colors of purple and white can be used in visualization and meditation to enhance energy.

What does the Crown Chakra Do?

When we make decisions every day, we make them with the ideals of our preferred life path in mind. What we love, what we dislike, what moves us emotionally, what makes our skin crawl, etc. In those decisions, we express who we are and how we want to exist in the world. The Crown Chakra connects us to these decisions; and informs us of whether they feel aligned with our life path or not. These decisions and feelings can determine when and how we express ourselves and connect with others. The Crown Chakra functions as a guidance system that funnels energy and information from the Universe to help guide us toward what will be in our highest good.

Remember, chakra means spinning wheel. So, when we visualize the energy of any of our chakras, we can imagine the form and function of a wheel to incorporate the idea of motion and energy that is contained within each of these energy centers. The Crown Chakra is pictured as a spinning wheel of purple or white energy that can be seen as a 1,000 petal Sahasrara lotus glowing above our heads. The Crown Chakra brings vitality and growth into the physical realm, both internally and externally. The Crown Chakra is our confident channel to the divine that helps us feel confident in our mission in life.

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What Are the Signs of a Blocked Crown Chakra?

Energy, like water in pipes, can get stuck or blocked. In energy, those blocks look like unpleasant emotions, physical pain, disease, or negative energy. We may experience a range of negative circumstances when our Crown Chakra is blocked or out of balance. This can include but is not limited to difficulty meditating, feeling disconnected, spiritual boredom, lacking purpose or drive, isolation, stubbornness, sarcasm, narrow-mindedness, materialism, and insomnia. These negative side effects of a blocked Crown Chakra can damage the individual experiencing it and even cause blocks in other chakras in the body and energetic systems.

Blocked energy in the Crown Chakra can cause several issues, but more deeply, it can affect the value and clarity of the information we receive and send to the Universe. Feelings of lack and issues of identity can also stem from a blocked Crown Chakra. What we tell ourselves is often the story we tell the Universe as well. When we communicate from a state of imbalance, the Universe struggles to hear our message clearly. Balancing the Crown Chakra is like turning the dial on an old-school radio, allowing for the clarity of our soul song to reach every corner of the Universe and be responded to with loving generosity. Luckily, the ailment of a blocked or imbalanced Crown Chakra has many remedies, which will be discussed further below.

How do I Unblock my Crown Chakra?

The masculine and universal energy of the Crown Chakra can be realigned and rebalanced through many techniques. These remedies include movement of the physical body in healthy ways like yoga and walking, visualization, guided meditation, stillness practice, education on worldly or etheric topics, affirmations, aromatherapy, crystals, and herbs. These are not the only options for unblocking and rebalancing the Crown Chakra, but they are a wonderful place to start.

Some suggestions for these approaches would be including chakra crystals like clear quartz crystal into a chakra healing meditation, using Crown Chakra herbs like lavender with aromatherapy techniques, or incorporating some Crown Chakra mantras into your workout routine! All these approaches can help you balance your Crown Chakra energy to live your life to the fullest. Growing our Crown Chakra's power can help us feel connected, resolved, and on track with our lives!

Chakra Healing Meditation for the Crown Chakra

Here's a quick guide on how to perform a cleansing meditation for the Crown Chakra:

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Sit in a relaxed position, either on a cushion or a chair, with your spine straight and your palms facing upward.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Allow your body to relax and release any tension.

Visualize a beautiful white light above your head, representing divine energy. Imagine this light gently descending towards your Crown Chakra, located at the top of your head.

As the white light enters your Crown Chakra, visualize it cleansing and purifying the energy center. Imagine any blockages, negativity, or stagnant energy being dissolved and washed away by the light.

Focus on the sensation of the light enveloping your Crown Chakra, creating a sense of expansion and openness. Feel the energy flowing freely and effortlessly.

Repeat positive affirmations to support the healing process. You can use statements like, "My Crown Chakra is clear and balanced," or "I am connected to the divine wisdom of the universe."

Stay in this meditative state for as long as you feel comfortable, allowing the cleansing and healing energy to work its magic. If your mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to the visualization and the sensations in your Crown Chakra.

When you're ready to end the meditation, slowly bring your awareness back to your physical surroundings. Take a few deep breaths, wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes.

Remember, regular practice is key to maintaining the health of your chakras. With dedication and consistency, you can experience a clearer and more vibrant crown chakra, connecting you to higher wisdom and spiritual growth.

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