Alec Baldwin is a seriously funny Aries

Alec Baldwin is a seriously funny Aries

March 22, 2016
Alec Baldwin is an Aries.
Alec Baldwin is an Aries.
He was a heartthrob back in the day, and he's still pretty popular with ladies of a certain age thanks to his roll on 30 Rock - yup, Alec Baldwin is an Aries!

The eldest of the Baldwin brothers working in Hollywood, Alec - born on April 3, 1958 - is known for his piercing blue eyes and thick, dark head of hair (seriously, has he lost even a single strand since his 20s?). Despite playing arch-conservative executive businessman Jack Donaghy on the sitcom 30 Rock, Baldwin is actually quite an outspoken liberal in his political life, having written columns for the Huffington Post, and is a vegetarian and PETA supporter.

Baldwin's also famous for his comedy chops, having hosted Saturday Night Live a staggering 16 times.

A confident mover and shaker, Baldwin is a typical Aries. He's always forging ahead with new projects and redefining himself as an actor through the ages. We look forward to seeing even more of his work, and maybe spending a little more time staring into those gorgeous baby blues.

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