How Aries Are You?
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How Aries Are You?

May 02, 2023 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Just how Aries are you? And what type of Aries are you? Read on to find out!
Just how Aries are you? And what type of Aries are you? Read on to find out!

Aries is the opening sign of our astrological cycle. It’s only fitting that we begin the wheel of fate with this passionate and daring sign. The outgoing Aries makes its presence known boldly and is the first to lead the charge. They race into the unknown with a swagger few will comprehend. And it’s this very nature that makes the symbol of the Aries sign so iconic. The fiery soul of Aries is represented by the ram’s head. But the ram could take a few tips from our Aries kin.

Fire is life and light, dancing on the edge of confinement. It’s an unending call, a challenge to authority itself. Just like fire can flicker and twist, an Aries dances to their own tune. They defy the boxes others put into, leaving them wondering, “What type of Aries am I?” You may be born on the day, but each Aries personality burns into something unique. (Wondering how the day you were born affects your star sign? Speaking with a Psychic Astrologer can offer insight.) One Aries may charge head first into a new thrill; others are focused more on their social dynamic. Within their soul, these two different Aries personalities share the same spark.

Am I Aries? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

Do not doubt, my fiery friends. Today we dare to label and boldly go where no other has. We’re taking on the monumental task of figuring out exactly where you fall on the scale with your Aries personality. 

Below are some common Aries personality traits. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being “this just isn’t me” and 5 saying “this speaks to me on a spiritual level,” rank how much you relate to these traits. At the end of the quiz, add up your scores, and you’ll get the answer to that burning question of “Am I Aries?"

So, what type of Aries am I? We shall see. 


When an Aries sets their mind to something, it is bound to be theirs. No amount of dissuading or rationalizing will cause an Aries to change their mind unless they already want to. There’s a fire that lights inside them that no force can snuff out. Once the headstrong Aries locks horns with a goal, they won’t let go until they find something they desire more. This trait makes Aries wonderful workers and some of the most driven individuals you’ll know. Aries are famous doers, often the members of any group or organization to spur action. 

Score yourself: 0 - I’m pretty flexible to 5 - My mind’s my mind, and nobody is going to change it.


Playing off their headstrong nature, what do you get when you push or challenge an Aries too much? A whole lot of headbutting. An Aries won’t be afraid to act out or even go out of their way to prove you wrong. If you pose an impossibility to an Aries or tell them they can’t do what they want, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be out there the very next day doing that very thing. Or they’ll die trying. Aries are usually the ones to start breaking the norms, thanks to their rebel-at-heart attitude. Between playing by the rules or their rules, you know which an Aries will choose. 

Score yourself: 0 - I was a teacher’s pet to 5 - I play by my own rules! 


Aries are insatiable, always hunting for the next thing to fuel their fires. Whether it is a delicious cultural dish that may be a little intimidating (I’m talking pork brains and cow’s tongue.) or a skydiving session just for kicks, you can guarantee an Aries will be the first to jump on board. Or off it. You’ll probably see your Aries friends choose exotic travel destinations. When it comes to picking something to do for the weekend, an Aries personality will be the one to suggest something new every time. 

Score yourself: 0 - I go to the same coffee shop and order the same sandwich every day to 5 - I order something new whenever I go out!


When you think of passion, you feel it: the heat and intensity. You see fiery spirits and bold expressions - someone who feels everything to its fullest and invests completely in what they do. An Aries personality is fire. They dedicate their lives to their dreams and ambitions. When an Aries desires something, it is their passion that keeps them moving forward. The barely manageable need to feel or immerse themselves in that desire. It is a force of nature, not an urge, that drives you on. There are very few wants for Aries because almost every want becomes a need if an Aries personality doesn’t get it soon enough.

Score yourself: 0 - I like to keep things chill to 5 - When I want it, I need it, and I’ve got to have it! 


Remember that swagger I mentioned before? The kind that tells you someone knows what they’re truly worth. That particular brand of magnetism that grabs your attention and pulls you in tells you they know they’re comfortable just as they are. They own their attitude, are proud of their nature, and are happy in their skin. Worrying about what others think? You won’t catch an Aries thinking twice about it. It’s what gives an Aries personality its daring nature. They’re confident they can handle whatever comes next, and they should be! 

Score yourself: 0 - I’m nothing to write home about to 5 - I’ve got a lot to give, and I know what that’s worth. 


They may not always be bubbly, but they are bold. An Aries personality is unabashedly forward, ready to step up and strike while the iron is hot. If someone is being picked out of a crowd, it is likely an Aries, if for no other reason than the fact that they will be so outgoing and dynamic that they always stand out! If there’s someone new, Aries will be the friend who invites them out or gets to know them. And in strange places, you’ll probably see the brilliant flame of Aries personality flitting around people and gathering friends like moths! 

Score yourself: 0 - I prefer to keep to myself to 5 - Someone new! Let’s go say hi!

What Type of Aries Am I?

Let’s gather the score. Add up your points from all the above traits you used to measure your Aries personality. Now let’s take a look at your sum: 

  • Low score (0-5): Not all that Aries.
  • Mid score (10-20): Adequately Aries. 
  • High score (25-30): An absolute Aries!

Want to discover more about how your Aries personality influences your life path? Where do those touches of fire drive you forth with a passion? Get an astrology reading from me or another PathForward Psychic today and learn more about what the heavens have written for you. Though you may be an Aries, that’s not all you are. Countless celestial bodies touch your life. And an intuitive astrologer can help you discover the infinitesimal energies that make you who you are.

Psychic Flynn x4269
A spiritual worker and Reiki Healer with over a decade of experience, Flynn has been working to share knowledge and healing with people around the world. He is the author of several articles and papers on spiritual practices and a Minister of Christ who has studied metaphysics and spirituality as a lifelong pursuit. Psychic Flynn x4269

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