How Cancer Are You?
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How Cancer Are You?

May 31, 2023 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Are you completely Cancer, or just kinda Cancer? See where YOU land on the Cancer Personality Scale!
Are you completely Cancer, or just kinda Cancer? See where YOU land on the Cancer Personality Scale!

What Type of Cancer Am I?

With a very intuitive nature, Cancer is perhaps one of the most emotionally in-touch signs out of the entire zodiac. Their reserved nature may restrain them from expressing their complex feelings, but it never holds them back from finding love and showing it in their compassionate form. Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac and it carries a great deal of empathetic weight. 

Represented by the crab, Cancer personality are caring and loyal friends. When you’ve got anxiety you need to share or someone who you’re not too certain about, your Cancer friends are the ones to turn to. Protective of the ones they love, they are quick to sniff out people who are cruel to the ones they care most about. But a Cancer isn’t quick to snap at all. Instead, they contain their emotions perfectly until the moment of certainty. So long as you stay on the bright side of a Cancer’s personality, you’ll have a loving friend for life. And now is your chance, Cancer kin, to learn to find out “What type of Cancer am I?” True to its reserved nature, your Cancer personality isn’t so clear as it may appear on the outer shell. 


Am I a Cancer? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

Don’t hesitate, my Cancer kindred. You wanted to know how fluid your feelings are. Here you have it.

We’ve gathered some trademark features of the Cancer personality. You can score yourself on those traits. 0 would represent a feeling of “that’s way off” while 5 would mean something like “this is eerily in tune with me!” At the end of everything, you’ll go ahead and add up all your points together. This number is the answer to the question weighing on your heart. “Am I a Cancer?”   

So how Cancer are you? Let’s dive in!


Cancer are Sensitive

In our existence, some of us are naturally more inclined to sense subtle energies. Emotions being the primary of these more passive forces in our lives, Cancer personalities are very in touch with the feelings within themselves and others. Our sensitive Cancer kin feels the waves in the air and use them to judge their environment’s safety. If something feels off, these water signs are the first to respond. However, some Cancer personalities can feel things a little too much, leading them to have their feelings affected by the energies of those around them. Despite that, our Cancer friends are the perfect people to tag along with when you’re trying to get a read on the new folks in your life! 

Score yourself: 0 - Rom-coms don’t get to me to 5 - I cry when I watch puppy videos.


Cancer are Compassionate

Few people are as outgoing in displaying their empathy and compassion for others’ positions in life as the Cancer personality. Though they don’t always show it on the surface, these waters signs tend to use their empathy to understand people. But while others may stop there, the Cancer sign takes their understanding and uses it. Lending those they love a hand, even unasked, is perhaps one of the most pivotal traits of a Cancer. It is their way of feeling in touch with those closest to their hearts without outwardly expressing it.

Score yourself: 0 - It’s up to them to solve their problems to 5 - Helping hands hold the world up.


Cancer are Loving

Thanks to their natural inclination to care for others and feel emotions more keenly, the Cancer personality is full of love. Though they won’t share it with just anyone, to protect their hearts and those around them, they will love wholeheartedly when they let you in. The love of a Cancer personality is unrivaled once that trust is earned, but be careful not to betray it. Their fluid nature makes them quick to revoke that love and withhold it, should you hurt them. Our Cancer kin love fully and ferociously but are territorial always over whom they do.

Score yourself: 0 - Love is overrated to 5 - All you need is love! 


Cancer are Nurturing

A blend of the sensitive, a dash of the loving, and a hint of compassion are the ingredients of a Cancer personality that create a splendid caregiver. Someone who sees the struggles of others and feels them deeply, being driven to support them through the trials. With their limitless capacity to love, Cancers are capable of channeling all this powerful energy into lifting others higher. And when they grow close to a select few, the Cancer is certainly someone who will seek out opportunities to see their friends or family grow. The only difficulty is that a Cancer personality can often attach their self-worth to how much emotional support or care they show those closest to them.

Score yourself: 0 - I’m not ready for kids to 5 - I want those I love to bloom and grow!  


Cancer are Protective

As they build a connection with those they trust, the powerful sense of love within a Cancer’s soul knits formidable emotional bonds. These bonds are perhaps some of the most important to a deep-feeling Cancer personality. Whether sensitive, nurturing, or both, they’re ready to defend those they love within a moment’s notice. When they feel the pain of others as if it were their own, it leaves a lasting impression to stay on guard around strangers and keep a watchful eye on interlopers getting too close. And while most Cancer personality protect their friends’ hearts, it hardly stops there. Our watery kin will go above and beyond to stop any possible threats from entering their inner circle.

Score yourself: 0 - I watch my back, but that’s enough to 5 - I’m the group mom. 


Cancer are Reserved

Sensitive as they are, you can understand why the Cancer personality doesn’t where their heart on a sleeve. They prefer to gradually show their hand and let others reveal their nature. And when the pain of those they love touches them so deeply, some would say a Cancer has good reason to keep a tight clique of trusted friends. They won’t always show how much their feelings move them, but you can feel it well up under the surface like currents beneath the waves. The scale of their feelings is so great and comes from such depths; it would overwhelm even another Cancer personality if they revealed all that rests within their heart. And so a carefully crafted shell defends them from callous words or wounds, leaving them at times cold or even distant. But don’t be fooled. The closer you get to a Cancer personality, the more you’ll see this hidden current of emotion dictating their choices from behind the curtain.

Score yourself: 0 - I’ve got big news and everyone should know to 5 - My business is just that. Mine.


What Type of Cancer Am I?  

And now comes the time you’ve waited for. “What type of Cancer am I?” You’ve gathered numbers from up above, so now is the time to add them up and get the answer.


Low score (0-5): Kinda Cancer.

Mid score (10-20): Common Cancer.

High score (25-30): Complete Cancer!


Psychic Flynn x4269
A spiritual worker and Reiki Healer with over a decade of experience, Flynn has been working to share knowledge and healing with people around the world. He is the author of several articles and papers on spiritual practices and a Minister of Christ who has studied metaphysics and spirituality as a lifelong pursuit. Psychic Flynn x4269

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