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How Gemini Are You?

May 02, 2023 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Just how Gemini are you? Take the quiz and find out!
Just how Gemini are you? Take the quiz and find out!

Quick-witted as the wind, with personalities light enough to match their element, Gemini are the social chameleons of the zodiac. The 3rd sign of the zodiac leaves a lasting impact when it enters your life. Their fluid nature and upbeat disposition can make it difficult for the other Zodiac Signs to cross a Gemini’s path without feeling changed for the better because of it! Just like the twins that represent them on the wheel, Gemini is a dualistic and flexible energy type. They use that energy to grow and learn how to get along with just about anyone. When they find ways to connect and make you feel comfortable opening up, Gemini personality will also become steadfast friends. The Gemini are intuitive thinkers and their energy is very zealous, so it is only reasonable that their energy is tied to the Air Element.

When the wind crosses a new current, its own course may change. You, my Gemini kin, come in a variety of forms that are both diverse and beautiful. There isn’t just one Gemini, but you all somehow carry the distinct energy that blends a wonderful personality with a bright mind. Little is lacking for Gemini in the social department or self-fulfillment. However, you’ve got a mind that burns with a desire to learn, so likely you’re wondering “How Gemini am I?” or “Am I Gemini?” You’re quick to question and will seek out the answers to what piques the interest of your mind. Now is the time to see what energy brought you here!

Am I Gemini? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

Your personality is carried on a tempestuous breeze and it rises as quickly as the sun. 

Here we have gathered some of the more prominent Gemini traits. This isn’t all of them by any means, but see how much each one resonates with you. Measure your affinity towards these traits with a 0 representing “That’s not my cup of tea” to a 5 meaning “That’s more accurate than I expected.” At the end of this quick journey, you’ll compile the points to uncover a deeper insight into your Gemini personality. 

How Gemini are you? Let’s dive deep to take a look!

Geminis are Inquisitive

Without a doubt, you know a Gemini by the nature of their mind. It’s one that doesn’t slow down for long and a Gemini personality is the first to throw out some questions, as much as to learn about the topic as to engage in the conversation. This can lead to some Gemini personality taking action on impulse, but it’s usually to satisfy their own immediate curiosity that the Gemini takes a leap of faith in this way. To a Gemini, the world is full of wonder, making it all the more to fixate on for hours at a time. Whether it is a way of life, culture, or habit; the Gemini personality spends as much time as needed feeding their inquisitive nature. They’ll spend days obsessing over a new interest, but they’ll quickly find something new that piques their curiosity as well. 

Score yourself: 0 - I’m not much for learning to 5 - I look into things in my downtime!


Geminis are Outgoing

Gemini like to keep in touch and initiate something fresh in their lives constantly. When you establish a strong bond of communication with them, the Gemini personality will be sure to feed it with jokes and learn about ways to feel close to you. If you tell them that you are a fan of some obscure fan base, Gemini loves to go out of their way to learn about it so they can in turn learn about you. When something needs to be done that will take that extra mile, but hopefully not too much patience, Gemini is first to be there. So long as it feels like a time worth having, the Gemini personality is the friend of the group to connect with strangers to lead the way. They’ll ask for directions, make friends, and even learn where the spots to see are. This is influenced by their light-hearted nature, as Gemini doesn’t seem to worry too often about how they are perceived. When you enjoy following the natural flow of good vibes, you tend to spend less time worrying.

Score yourself: 0 - Let someone else make the first move to 5 - I’ll be the one to invite you out! 


Geminis are Communicative

Determining the answer to “Am I Gemini?” is also drastically shaped by how often you like to communicate. And not just the when, but the how as well. Gemini personality are active communicators, varying on their own birth chart. They take true delight in hearing from the ones they love or even talking with new people. As air signs, they are naturally very social, but Gemini personality are even more so. They like to talk about the ideas and things in life that excite them, of which there are many, and very rarely neglect talking to their friends. Usually, a Gemini is the one you see going out with friends, and more often than not they are the ones who initiated the outing. When it comes to the friend group, Gemini usually has an intimate social circle. They’ll know or make friends with everyone and their mother but are truly close with a select few. 

Score yourself: 0 - You probably won’t hear from me for a week and think I’m dead to 5 - I’ll be blowing up your phone the same day we met!


Geminis are Enthusiastic

If you’re a Gemini personality, you’ll often hear how you’re young at heart. Frivolous and exuberant in seizing life; “What type of Gemini am I?” is shaped a lot by how enthusiastic you are about life. Do you throw yourself into new experiences? When a Gemini finds something they are passionate about, they’re a lot like puppies with their favorite toy. Showing it off to everyone. And whether it is something small or some grand affair, Gemini is never afraid to show off how much fun they are having. They party hard, laugh hard, and revel in what they are doing. Enthusiasm doesn’t mean the Gemini personality is loud though! But if they’re having a good time or enjoying something, it shines within them like a light. 

Score yourself: 0 - I don’t like to go all out to 5 - Life is like a river that you have to dive head first into!


Geminis are Keen Minded

Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, the social Gemini excels in these environments thanks to their keen minds. When it comes to intellect, Gemini is rarely lacking. The fact that you are asking “Am I Gemini?” is already a massive indicator of your self-awareness; some would say that is one of the first signs of a sharp mind. But the Gemini personality is never single-faceted in their intelligence. Some people excel in a single subject, math or history, or science, but the Gemini is very diverse in their interests thanks to their curiosity. This also leaves them far-reaching in their areas of expertise. As they grow, so does the Gemini personality’s mind. When it comes to being a social butterfly, it comes easily for them because their perception moves so quickly. They catch bits of conversation and burst with joy when it crosses an interest they share. 

Score yourself: 0 - My mind moves like molasses to 5 - I’m quick to get a joke! 


Geminis are Flexible

Gemini is also wonderful social partners because of their malleable nature. Unlike a friend who sets their mind to a single plan and refuses to deviate, a Gemini is fast to throw out alternatives when things go wrong. They don’t like to stay caught in a funk for long, so they are open to shifting to another path or trying something new to liven the mood. Thanks to their zeal for life, almost anything can really catch the enthusiastic Gemini’s interest. So long as they are able to connect with people that they are comfortable with, they’ll thrive in most environments. “What type of Gemini am I?” is often met with a lot of different answers, because our Gemini kin can be so very flexible in who they are and how they behave based on their own interests, or even their environment! 

Score yourself: 0 - I’m not open to new ideas to 5 - When you’re rigid, you can’t go with the flow! 


What Type of Gemini Am I? 

The fabled hour has arrived. You are ready to receive the answers to your question about your unique Gemini personality. You’ve collected all your scores, so now you just need to add them up!

Low score (0-5): Gemini, I guess?
Mid score (10-20): Good Gemini.
High score (25-30): Genuine Gemini!

Psychic Flynn x4269
A spiritual worker and Reiki Healer with over a decade of experience, Flynn has been working to share knowledge and healing with people around the world. He is the author of several articles and papers on spiritual practices and a Minister of Christ who has studied metaphysics and spirituality as a lifelong pursuit. Psychic Flynn x4269

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