How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect Your Sleep and Dreams
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How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect Your Sleep and Dreams

July 31, 2023 by Psychic Dominique x4278
If you thought the influence of the Retrograde stopped at electronics and communication, we have some bad news for you...
If you thought the influence of the Retrograde stopped at electronics and communication, we have some bad news for you...

As Mercury Retrograde closes in, you can expect to experience technical difficulties, trouble with communication, frequent misunderstandings, contract disputes, and/or issues with short travel plans. Though these are the signs that astrologers and divine seers alike warn you about or give how-to tips on navigating around, there is another aspect of your life that Mercury Retrograde affects: your sleep. Because Mercury Retrograde has a significant effect on your sleep, by extension, Mercury Retrograde also has a considerable impact on your dreams. Why does Mercury Retrograde affect your sleep or dreams, and how can you manage it? Let’s get into it!

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Sleep And Your Dreams?

When a planet goes retrograde, it causes you to go backward or inward to work on whatever area of your life that planet represents. In this case, Mercury is the planet that represents communication which includes how you deliver and perceive information. So, when Mercury goes retrograde, it inadvertently causes you to reflect on interactions, especially ones you may have thought were already situated.

Having miscommunications and misunderstandings such as these can bring about stress or anxiety from trying to figure out why you are revisiting an old subject or why you are having trouble seeing eye to eye with someone, even after extensive conversation and energy. The energy you use to get someone to see your point of view or the exhaustion caused by being frustrated from having to go back to something you thought you had already moved past can distract you throughout your day and cause you to lose focus. And if you are still frustrated or confused by bedtime, you may fall victim to a sleepless night or nightmare because if you think about something too much, it will likely pop up in your dreams.  

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Sleep?

When you can’t figure something out, what do you do? Reflect on it and replay it in your mind to see if you missed something or if there is another way to approach the situation, right? This is the connection between Mercury Retrograde and sleep deprivation, and here are some quick tips to give you peace of mind so you can better manage your sleep during this Mercury Retrograde. For starters, this Mercury Retrograde is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a Mercury-powered, mutable earth sign that rules the 6th house of the zodiac wheel. This means that the cause of your sleepless nights will most likely be situated around the structure of your life and daily routine, your life’s work in general, your responsibilities and sense of service, your personal growth, your organizational skills (or lack thereof), and your overall health and wellness.

For the record, the sign of Virgo is also known for overthinking and being anxiety-ridden, so do not be surprised if you are an obsessive worrywart between August 23rd and September 15th, or technically from August 3 through September 30, which includes pre-shadow and post-shadow periods.  

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Dreams?

Since Mercury Retrograde can shake up your understanding of past and present interactions, thus bringing about some sleepless nights, it’s only natural that sleep deprivation will wreak havoc on your dream state. Let me put it to you this way: When something is weighing heavily on your mind, have you noticed that it also haunts your dreams? That is the simplest explanation of the connection between Mercury Retrograde and dreams, but don’t fret because there is an easy way to navigate around this too.

The first thing you must understand is that though some dreams can be fun flights of fancy that keep your hopes and fantasies alive, many of your dreams contain hidden messages to bring clarity and guidance. But because Mercury is in Retrograde, you could very well experience weird dreams or even nightmares. Although nightmares are dreams that rattle your spirit, it's still important to decipher their true meaning. Mercury is the planet of communication, after all, and because it’s seen as a messenger planet, its job is to deliver messages, including your dreams.

What Are Some Examples of Mercury Retrograde Dreams?

As previously mentioned, nightmares are an example of Mercury Retrograde dreams, so here are some explanations of what those kinds of Mercury Retrograde dreams really mean. If you have a dream about death, it means that something is transitioning to another level or coming to an end in general. So, instead of freaking out, consider what miscommunication has been haunting your waking life to understand better what is on the verge of transitioning.

If you dream about an argument or a fight, this means you are experiencing an internal conflict, and you’re allowing this situation to eat at you so much when you are awake that you are fighting about it in your dreams. These dreams are common for people who internalize their feelings in general, so it is a sign to release them because you’re only hurting yourself. If you have dreams of being chased during this Mercury Retrograde, it means that you’re running from something, so face your fear and confront the problem. If you dream that you are in a moving vehicle, but you’re not driving, it means you’re not taking control of your life.

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So, has the insight on how Mercury Retrograde affects your sleep and dreams given you an extra boost of confidence to manage it better? Are there other Mercury Retrograde dreams you want me to explain that were not mentioned in this article? Tell me all about it in the comment section! If you would like a personal reading about what Mercury Retrograde in Virgo specifically means for your sleep, dreams, and life in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me or another expert here at PathForward so we can help you find peace of mind during this Mercury Retrograde.

Psychic Dominique x4278
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