How Taurus Are You?
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How Taurus Are You?

May 02, 2023 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Wondering how much of a 'typical' Taurus you are? Take the quiz!
Wondering how much of a 'typical' Taurus you are? Take the quiz!

With a down-to-earth attitude that matches their element, Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac. As 2nd in the Zodiac, Taurians are a powerful energetic presence but are equally humble. With a bold demeanor that isn’t shaped by the opinions of those around them, a Taurus personality doesn’t follow just any path. It finds the way of pleasure and satisfaction in all its varieties. The charging bull, the symbol representing Taurus, shows that these earth personalities rush headlong into life. To live, to truly experience the world around them, is a trademark of the Taurus personality. 

Like the earth itself, Taurus is strong and dependable. It can shift and mold the world around it as a Taurus personality is the foundation many other people and zodiacs rely on. Like most Taurus, you may focus more on enjoying your day-to-day and keeping things relaxed. So here’s your chance to learn just how your stars have aligned! (Not sure how the stars affect your Zodiac or what it means for your lifepath? An intuitive Psychic Astrologer can lend a hand.) Are you the Taurus personality that likes to stay close to home and create? Perhaps you prefer to go out and revel in life, searching for great memories. True to its monumental nature, your Taurus personality can shape your destiny. 

Am I Taurus? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

Don’t doubt my Taurian tribe. You wanted to know how bull-headed you are, and now is your chance.

Here’s what you do. Below are some defining traits of the Taurus’ personality. You can rank yourself on those traits from 0 being “that’s way off” to 5 “this is scarily accurate!” At the end of everything, you’ll go ahead and add up all your points together. This number is the answer to the question weighing on your heart. “Am I Taurus?”  

So how Taurus are you? Let’s see.

Taurus are Earthy 

Tied directly to their core, Taurus can’t break away from a true-to-their-roots nature. Taurus personalities are the type who will be happy to kick back with their bare feet up. Raw nature on display and being themselves to the fullest makes Taurus comfortable. They aren’t ashamed of their body or what they consider natural in life, making them very open individuals regarding the primal aspects of existence.

Score yourself: 0 - I like to keep everything tidy to 5 - Live natural and live free!

Taurus are Hedonistic 

What makes a Taurus personality tick? The pleasures and fruits of life keep them thriving in the hardship of this world. The next great meal, great laugh, or even great love of their life. It’s the satisfaction they feel when they savor these experiences; they are the treasures a Taurus collects throughout their lives. It's how they judge whether they're truly living. Being so tied to the earth, it does make sense that a Taurus knows how to live.

Score yourself: 0 - Earthly temptations don’t have a hold on me to 5 - Food, laughter, and love are some of the greatest gifts.

Taurus are Calm 

A Taurus personality has a consistent tie to the cool and level-headed aspect of the earth. Like stone, it is hard to shake them. They know that life isn’t all that bad, so long as you can find some good and savor it. So when it comes to conflict or disputes, they are usually the ones to call for things to settle down. A Taurus’ particular brand of calm tends to bring peace and neutrality as if they're the eye of the storm itself!

Score yourself: 0 - I have a tough time staying cool to 5 - I’m usually the voice of reason.

Taurus are Driven 

When a Taurus finds a personal desire, they will work hard for it. It isn’t that they will go above and beyond, but a Taurus knows exactly just how much to work to achieve their ideal lifestyle. If a Taurus wants to get a special gift for themselves, they’ll work the exact hours needed. Many Taurus enjoy their finer things, so it’s good that they aren’t afraid of working hard. If Taurus wants something a little bit more grandiose or has a vision of an experience they want to manifest, they’ll seek it out until it becomes a reality!

Score yourself: 0 - Good things come to me to 5 - If I want, I’m gonna get it!

Taurus are Honest

Some people may perceive a Taurus personality as blunt or rude. It’s an easy mistake, but not fair to the raw and natural existence that is a Taurus. Because they see things as they are and believe facades are meaningless, a Taurus likes to say it as it is. No beating around the bush, no double meanings, and definitely no pulling punches. Because if you ask a Taurus for their opinion, and sometimes even when you don’t, they’re going to tell you what they really think and not what you want to hear. This just means you can depend on them to be genuine with you always. 

Score yourself: 0 - Honesty only upsets people to 5 - The truth can set you free.

Taurus are Extravagant

We mentioned this earlier, but it deserves a section of its own. The Taurus personality appreciates quality. If they like it, whether that’s theater or travel, they’ll do everything they can to get the best version of it. If they have to work hard to take that special trip, they’ll push a bit harder to make sure they can upgrade it to a real 5-star treat! If they’re going to charge towards something they love, they’ll get the best they can. This results in a Taurus who knows how to live a life of delight.

Score yourself: 0 - The simple pleasures in life are fine to 5 - Top shelf life all the way!

What Type of Taurus Am I? 

The moment has finally arrived! With all those numbers from up above collected, you can add them together for your final score.

  • Low score (0-5): Not Terribly Taurus.
  • Mid score (10-20): Tentatively Taurus.
  • High score (25-30): Truly Taurus!

Want more direction on what your Taurian side means for your life and how it will grow? Receive an astrology reading from me or another PathForward Psychic today. Your sun sign is only a fraction of who you are. If you feel like you've barely scraped the surface of your nature with this, then you're correct. An intuitive Astrologer can help paint a picture of your whole birth chart and what other zodiac signs guide you. Allow me to offer insight into how your down-to-earth personality can be your greatest strength.

Psychic Flynn x4269
A spiritual worker and Reiki Healer with over a decade of experience, Flynn has been working to share knowledge and healing with people around the world. He is the author of several articles and papers on spiritual practices and a Minister of Christ who has studied metaphysics and spirituality as a lifelong pursuit. Psychic Flynn x4269

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