Libra Zodiac Sign: Catherine Zeta Jones

Libra Zodiac Sign: Catherine Zeta Jones

October 03, 2016
Catherine Zeta-Jones a Libra
Catherine Zeta-Jones a Libra
Representing its civil nature, The Libra is the only zodiac sign that does not represent an animal or human, which is indicative of the star signs civil nature. Librans are typically elegant, harmonious and impartial individuals who can be critical without seeming biased.  Librans are fun-loving, hard-working and balanced.

They are often sensitive to others' needs, which may be what makes them more artistic than intellectual. Librans make for empathetic partners who are always willing to compromise and seem to have an abundant supply of kindness, no matter how difficult the situation.

Famous actress, and the epitome of elegance, is Catherine Zeta-Jones. The brunette beauty just made the Libra cut when she was born on September 25. The actress, in true Libra artistic fashion, left high school early in order to study musical theater.

Zeta-Jones is married to Michael Douglas with whom she shares a birthday and zodiac sign. Libras are typically not compatible with one another, but work very well together when there is a large age gap between the two, according to Elle Magazine. Luckily for these two, who have been together for over 10 years, Douglas is 25 years older than his spirited wife.

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