Mindfulness Hacks for Each Zodiac Sign
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Mindfulness Hacks for Each Zodiac Sign

April 12, 2021
Try your sign's mind hack to recharge and ground yourself.
Try your sign's mind hack to recharge and ground yourself.

Sometimes your mind needs a good reboot, and astrology can offer a useful tool when you're looking for personalized ways to recharge. You already know from getting psychic advice for your horoscope that your zodiac sign gives you some great and some, ahem, less positive characteristics. So, here are hacks for every sign that can help you swerve those negative traits into a much more mindful lane.

Aries Hack: Tame the Ram

Determined Aries boasts a penchant for action. That's great when you need to get something done, but maybe less than stellar when you find yourself butting heads with someone you care about just because you're stressed they're making you wait. Cut the brakes on your bundled-up energy by either channeling it into an intense workout, or taking some quiet time to slow down your natural pace and take some time for mindful reflection.

Taurus Hack: Get Grounded

Taureans are creatures of comfort, so you're constantly seeking ways to feel safe. Whether we're talking finances, love life, career, or anything in between, you're likely to feel those stress levels skyrocket when your sense of security is challenged. Ground yourself by getting in touch with your body when that happens. Anything that lets you tap into your senses (think: trying out a new recipe or listening to music) can reconnect you with your safe place.

Gemini Hack: Declutter, Unclog, and Just Chill

Like needing air to breathe, Geminis seek constant stimulation. Sure, your social calendar's jam-packed and you're (over)achieving at work. Sometimes, though, you need to stop saying yes and take some time to focus on you. Organize your house or desk and unclog your calendar so you have a few free moments. Then, dim the lights, watch the sunset, and try some breathing exercises to center your scattered thoughts.

Cancer Hack: Slow Your Roll

Oversensitive much? Cancer, those hurts and setbacks you're picturing might very well be all in your head. Not everything is sus, so keep your knee-jerk reactions in check until you've had time to really think about if you're overreacting. Carve out some "me" time to go for a walk out in nature and take care of yourself. Your natural tendency for caregiving can tilt into clinginess if you don't consider your own needs, too.

Leo Hack: Let Go of the Ego

Cool and confident or headstrong and arrogant — well, it can depend on the situation. Leos love a good ego stroke, but that spotlight-seeking behavior can mean you tend to take on too much responsibility. De-stress with a good time, and release the need to have everyone's admiration for a second. Singing, dancing, and other fun activities can get you back in balance.

Virgo Hack: Stop Clinging to "Logic"

Critical of themselves and others, Virgos constantly seek perfection. That translates to over-analyzing. Just. About. Everything. So, try not to hold everything around you to such a high standard. Sorry not sorry, Virgo — yes, that includes you! Engaging in an activity that gets you out of your logical head, like yoga, meditation, or gardening, can really help when you need to push that reset button. 

Libra Hack: Indulge in Some Beauty

Libras love anything that looks good, and they want to please everyone. Though your superficial side can be what gets you into trouble in the first place, leaning into beauty can also help you reboot. Libras need balance (hence the scale). Treat yourself to a museum date to take in some great art, or channel your creativity into a redecorating project at home. Doing so can help you restore your inner harmony.

Scorpio Hack: Release the Need for Revenge

Scorpios get tons of heat for, well, the heat they bring to just about every situation. That passionate intensity can be oh-so-sexy, but it can also turn into unfounded jealousy at the flip of a switch. There's good reason this zodiac sign is known for being a little bit obsessive. Once you have an intrusive thought in your head, it's pretty impossible to get it out. Instead of catapulting right into catastrophe, soothe yourself with some pampering like a massage.

Sagittarius Hack: Roam Close to Home

Look, the zodiac's favorite daydreamers are always up for adventure. Finding ways to escape the everyday can do a Sagittarius good — but it can also burn a hole through your wallet. You don't have to drop thousands to hop a flight every time you're craving a de-stress. Put yourself in a different environment with a local adventure or meditation session.

Capricorn Hack: Get Out of the Grind

Responsibilities are like oxygen for ambitious Capricorns. Yeah, you might SAY you're too busy to relax, but getting reacquainted with nature can stop you from drowning in goals and responsibilities. Head to the mountains for skiing or hiking. If you can't yet convince yourself to part with some hard-earned cash for a trip, you can also mentally check out with yoga or meditation outdoors.

Aquarius Hack: Enjoy Your Solitary Side

The struggle is real for Aquarians. Inventive, creative, and constantly trying to save the world, you run the risk of overthinking and burning yourself out. Solitary recharges are essential to get back on track. Pencil in some time to enjoy your quirky hobby (you know you have one,) and unplug from technology so you don't get distracted by other people's negativity.

Pisces Hack: Find Harmony in Expression

Pisces folks have a reputation for flakiness, but the imaginative and dreamy nature also means they're super empathetic. When everyone else's problems start bringing you down, you need to dive into self-expression. Artsy activities like singing or drawing can get you back in balance, as can aromatherapy or meditation.

Looking for more personalized advice about ways you can bring mindfulness into your daily routine? Astrology psychic readings can help you better understand both your positive and negative traits. And most importantly, act as a guide to being more mindful.

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