Most Compatible Signs: A Look at the Best Zodiac Matches
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Most Compatible Signs: A Look at the Best Zodiac Matches

February 15, 2023 by PathForward
Don't be surprised if the two lovebirds you see are a Capricorn and Taurus pair.
Don't be surprised if the two lovebirds you see are a Capricorn and Taurus pair.

Ah, love. Wouldn't it be great if you could find a list of people you're most compatible with without having to swipe through endless profiles? Enter: zodiac matches. There really are certain signs that just go well together. Whether you're looking for a lifelong partnership or some love right now, knowing which zodiac signs fit well with your astrological traits can go a long way in finding a compatible partner.

A horoscope compatibility calculator can give you some serious Psychic Advice about your most compatible signs. To get you started, here's a roundup of some zodiac pairings that are thought to be among the best matches, astrologically speaking. And who couldn't use a cheat sheet to the dating world?

Scorpio and Cancer

A Scorpio best match? Yeah, it exists. While two passionate people in one relationship can spell disaster in some cases, putting a Scorpio and Cancer together can work magic. Though the two water signs are intensely emotional, this pairing is super compatible. Together, Scorpio and Cancer are deeply devoted to each other. They create a great support system, share similar morals, and care about each other and everyone around them.

Then there's the emotional aspect. The two get to feed off each other's passion, and boom: intense chemistry. Those born under the Cancer sign are extremely emotional and have the ability to love without bounds. Scorpions, however, are as passionate as anyone you can find out there. They love and hate with passion and get really protective of people they care about deeply. Though that can make your typical Scorpio really tough on people they don't like, their penchant for passion translates into being ready to do literally anything for the person they love.

Though they might display their feelings in different ways, Scorpio and Cancer are signs that love strongly. That makes them a compatible duo — and a zodiac pairing with chemistry that can't be denied.

Aquarius and Gemini

If you're looking for an Aquarius best match, Gemini is a surefire fit. These two signs come together with a strong emotional and mental connection. Aquarius and Gemini just GET each other. Even if they've only known each other for a handful of weeks or days, their easy connection makes it seem like they've been together for years.

Put a Gemini and an Aquarius together, and you'll find them constantly bouncing creative ideas off each other. These two are simply in tune, and they love spending as much time together as possible. Still, both signs do love their independence, and having this as common ground actually makes their pairing stronger. Both signs know that spending time apart is important, so time spent independently doesn't upset the relationship dynamics one bit. It only serves to make their bond stronger.

The killer psychological connection of these air signs goes really deep. Maybe no one else understands their relationship, but the Aquarius-Gemini pair doesn't care. Individually and together, they know what works for them and don't mind if other people don't see it. Their strong sense of individuality boosts their relationship further, but when it comes down to it, this zodiac match would rather be together than apart from their other half.

Pisces and Scorpio

When it comes to zodiac matches with an emotional connection, it should come as no surprise that Scorpio makes the list twice. Scorpio also makes a Pisces best match. This pair is highly intuitive to one another, having the ability to really get into each other's minds and know what their partner is thinking about. The emotional connection is off the charts with Pisces and Scorpio. As partners, the two water signs tap into their intuition to know what the other is feeling and thinking as if they were the one experiencing the situation.

The pairing works well because it goes beyond intellect. Pisces and Scorpio folks want to understand their partner's soul and body and really get what makes the other person tick. They click on every level in ways you don't see with many other zodiac pairings. Both are willing and eager to learn what satisfies their partner, and we mean that in and beyond the bedroom. They want to make sure their partner's needs are met. Both are selfless, and they're more concerned about their partner than they are about themselves.

These zodiac signs are so good together because each holds the other sign in high respect. Immense admiration means they can move beyond conflicts they run into (ahem, Scorpio outbursts from the sign's infamous jealousy and possessive behavior). Oh, yeah, and the passion is also through the roof with these two. Neither sign shies away from being romantic, even if their gestures may seem over-the-top to some other people. With Scorpio and Pisces, over-the-top isn't even a possibility.

Capricorn and Taurus

As for the Capricorn best match, Taurus tops the list. This pairing is known to have more chemistry than any other astrological duo. That's all thanks to the endless adoration each one can give the other. They're both lovebirds at their core, and they truly enjoy being in each other's company.

Put a Capricorn and Taurean together, and you get true soulmates. They have the utmost love and respect for each other. Sure, their intense admiration for their partner can be a little unnerving to an outsider, but their bond really is that tight.

Did you find yourself and your partner (or crush!) as a match on this list? Whether you're in the round-up of most compatible signs or you're not sure where you stand, an intuitive Astrologer can help you suss out your relationship dynamics. Talk to a Psychic Astrologer at PathForward today to find out if you and your person are a good match.


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