Red Flags: Warning Signs for Each Zodiac Sign
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Red Flags: Warning Signs for Zodiac Sign Incompatibility

November 30, 2022 by PathForward
Don't get blindsided by Zodiac sign incompatibility by learning about Red Flag Zodiac signs!
Don't get blindsided by Zodiac sign incompatibility by learning about Red Flag Zodiac signs!

Looking for a love match? You'll want to check with the Zodiac before diving headfirst into any new relationship. You've likely heard the different Zodiac signs described by both their admirable and (*side-eye*) not-so-admirable qualities. Those less-than-admirable traits can present some serious hurdles in relationships. Getting some Psychic advice via a compatibility calculator can go a long way in figuring out if you're equipped to deal with the tough-to-handle aspects of each Zodiac sign. Be on the lookout for these red flags from your potential love interest.


An Aries' fiery nature can be oh-so-sexy, but it can also lead to erratic emotions. Think: Things are going well, they're super into you, and then they're suddenly extremely standoffish. All in one date. That yo-yo of emotions can make you feel unsure of yourself, creating conflict and stress via the mixed signals you're getting. They're also passionately honest, so if you're super sensitive, you could find yourself wishing your Aries love would just leave some things unsaid.


Taureans can lean a little too hard into their flirty side. Yeah, that's great when you're on the receiving end of their attention. When it seems like they're flirting with the cute bartender on your night out together? Not so much. Even when your Taurus boo is really into you, their sweet side might make it seem like they're more into everyone around them if you tend to get jealous yourself.


A Gemini is at their peak when they spread themselves thin. Sure, they've got their personal life figured out so they can satisfy all their interests and passions at all times. But that inability to stay focused can pose some serious challenges in the realm of relationships. If you're looking for lots of attention, you might find yourself at odds with your Gemini crush, even (and maybe especially) when you think the relationship should be getting more serious.


Cancer's sensitive nature should make them the perfect partner, no? Well... sometimes they can get TOO caught up in their own feelings. That leads to a Cancer wanting to stay in their own shell instead of facing the real world, and flaking on dates if they're just not in the mood. They may be into you but make it really, really hard for you to figure that out based on their actions.


Leos are prone to fall into their competitive habits, no matter the situation. So, don't be shocked if you're out on a date, telling what you think is a fun story, and they immediately try to one-up you with their own suuuuuuper dramatic tale. If you're put off by that constant drive to compete, you could find yourself fighting with a Leo love more often than not.


Intellectual Virgos can provide lots of great conversation and date ideas. Or they can come off as a bit, ahem, snobby. If you're feeling insecure, a Virgo's constant need to show off their smarts can have you feeling like you don't measure up. Finding common interests can go a long way, but you might find yourself wishing your Virgo love interest would just put the breaks on their lofty ideas sometimes.


Ready for the tea? A Libra pretty much always has a backup plan. If you feel like your date has someone on the back burner (even if that's just meeting a bestie for drinks if the date doesn't go as planned), you're not imagining things. When you're craving undivided time and attention, that Libra tendency can sting.


That magnetic intensity drawing you to your Scorpio crush can also be the source of plenty of conflict if you're not calibrated in the same way. Obsessive much? That's Scorpio in a nutshell. You might find yourself walking on eggshells so you don't inadvertently make them jealous. And that's hard to maintain each and every day, especially if you're naturally friendly or (gasp!) even flirty.


Oh, Sagittarius, constantly crushing on at least two or three people at any given time. It can feel like a challenge to get penciled into that overbooked schedule. Sagittarius views the world as one big party, so if commitment issues get you riled up, you might find yourself constantly butting heads with a Sagittarius. Yeah, they're into you, but that doesn't mean they're not also looking to party with someone else!


Your Capricorn crush might seem a bit aloof at times, but they're usually still considerate, put-together, and friendly. So, it's easy to get wrapped up in their fun side and how they're asking all the right questions before you realize that their aloofness can mean being secretive about, like, everything. It's not you, it's them. But if you find constant secretiveness off-putting, you might find yourself uneasy by that Capricorn weirdness about details.


When an Aquarius isn't feeling something, they're quick to disengage. You may be having the time of your life, then say something you don't even realize is "wrong." Aquarius doesn't want to waste time engaging with folks they're not into, and minor slip-ups can send them spiraling. That confusion can have you unsure of why your amazing date suddenly stopped speaking to you.


The ethereal and romantic side can make interactions with a Pisces enchanting, exciting, and mystifying. That's fun on the first dates, but can make navigating committed relationships a little more challenging. Dreamy Pisces can be unreliable or flaky, but also pretty much impossible to confront. They don't have much emotional armor built up, so when you (totally understandably) bring up your frustrations, their first move might be to exit the situation.

Need more insight into a crush's behavior? Not sure what red flags you can put up with for the long haul? An intuitive Psychic can give you personalized insight into Zodiac compatibility. Speak to an experienced PathForward Psychic when you need to figure out if you've found the perfect love match on the Zodiac.

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