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Retrograde in Taurus: Surviving Mercury Retrograde

April 01, 2023 by PathForward

Retrograde in Taurus

Surviving the Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde has become a hot topic in recent years. With the epic fallout of the COVID pandemic, pending economic crises, and more, it's no wonder we're wary of anything that could throw more challenges our way.

Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that happens when Mercury passes so near that it causes an optical illusion in which the planet appears to move backward. Though Mercury doesn't really go backward, things on Earth certainly get topsy-turvy under the bizarre effects of its passing.

The sign that Earth is in at the time will also impact the way we experience a Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde in Taurus will make things touchy in areas of security. You may feel financially insecure, unstable in your relationship, or generally unsettled. Here are some tips for surviving Mercury retrograde.


Ask for clarity

Mercury retrograde is famous for causing miscommunications. Don't trust your first interpretation of anything your partner says. Restate what you heard and ask for more details before you react.


Double-check the details

Run those numbers again. And one more time just for good measure. Mercury retrograde makes us miss the details, so you can't afford to trust your first pass.


Avoid new projects

Plan ahead for Mercury retrograde and get your outlines in order before this event begins. Turn to your old trusty plans throughout this period and avoid any new contracts, purchases, or endeavors.



Electronics notoriously go wonky during Mercury retrograde. Rely on these devices as little as possible and use this as a handy excuse to unplug.


Slow down

Take ample time to think before you speak. Avoid major conversations during this period if at all possible. If you must speak about an important issue, leave lengthy pauses and take time to digest the information before you respond.

Need more survival tips? Talk to a PathForward Psychic for personalized recommendations tailored to the effects of Mercury Retrograde on your life.


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