Understanding the Traits of a Hard-Headed Taurus

Understanding the Traits of a Hard-Headed Taurus

April 20, 2015
Understanding the traits of a hard-headed Taurus
Understanding the traits of a hard-headed Taurus
If you were lucky enough to be born between April 20 and May 20, you're a Taurus! Individuals who fall under this sign are known to be down-to-earth and easy to get along with, despite being stubborn at times.

Taurus is represented by the sign of the bull - and it's very indicative of the characteristics of these individuals. Those who have this astrological sign are known for being strong-willed and courageous, but they can be difficult to negotiate with on a regular basis. As the old saying goes, Tauruses are "as stubborn as a bull!"

This sign comes with many positives, despite having a rugged reputation. Tauruses are generally practical and intellectual individuals. They are also relatively simple and sensible when it comes time to approach difficult situations. A Taurus also makes a good friend because he or she will always be willing to provide you with the honest truth.

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