Using Astrology to Determine the Best Time for Surgery
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Using Astrology to Determine the Best Time for Surgery

April 01, 2014
A safe day for surgery
A safe day for surgery

Any time you must have surgery, it's an anxious, nerve-wracking experience; it doesn't matter if you're getting your tonsils out, having an appendectomy, or going in for a bypass. You're naturally concerned about making it through okay, which is why you should take every precaution necessary to ensure your safety. Follow your doctor's orders about any fasting, bed rest, or vitamins, of course, but you should also try to find the best time for your surgery and convalescence.

Have an In-Depth Conversation

As soon as you know you need surgery, make an appointment to talk to your psychic. You can look into online psychic readings, make a phone call, or visit a live psychic. Any of these will do, because determining the best day for your surgery has more to do with astrology and numerology. To that end, make sure the psychic has experience in numerology or reading the star signs. This is essential to your safety, your well-being, and your peace of mind.

Pay Attention to the Moon

The moon is a powerful entity. It affects the weather, the tides, and even your mood. It only makes sense, then, that it can have a part to play in determining the best day for a surgical procedure. There are several questions to ask about the moon as it pertains to your health, such as:

  • Which house, or astrological sign, the moon will reside in during the estimated surgery date
  • The phase of the moon during the same day/period
  • And if the moon is in transition at that time

Bear in mind that you shouldn't schedule your surgery during a full moon, which is bad for healing. Try to make an appointment during the new moon instead.

Research Planetary Alignment

There are several times when you need to avoid having surgery. For example, as the moon makes an impact, so do the planets, so if Mercury or Mars are in an active retrograde, skip that date. Interestingly, Mars rules over doctors and surgeons, which is why you want to avoid its retrograde. Mercury plays a part in communication, which you naturally want at its highest level.

Check Your Own Sign

You need to think about your own sign, as well as the sign that rules whatever area of the body requires surgery. Your sign may not mix well with the moon's particular phase, or if it's now in Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, or Virgo. Instead, align your sign and your surgery when the moon is in alignment with fixed signs, including Leo and Scorpio.

Pick the Safest Day

Once you know all this information, get an in-depth astrology reading. Discuss the pros and cons of particular days with your psychic, making sure that it works with your own unique aura and your sign as well. When you've answered all questions and explored all options, you'll have the perfect date for your surgery and can book your hospital stay.

Don't let surgery get you down or make you so scared that you avoid a necessary procedure. Just hedge your bets and let the stars help you find the perfect time to take care of yourself.

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