Ancestral Wisdom to Guide You Towards Abundance
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Ancestral Wisdom to Guide You Towards Abundance

October 13, 2021 by CJ Johnson
The wisdom of lost generations is never truly lost, provided you are willing to listen...
The wisdom of lost generations is never truly lost, provided you are willing to listen...

"Do nothing without intention," famously said by Intuitive Diviner, Amber The Alchemist, is by far the deepest piece of wisdom our ancestors have left for us. While that piece of sage advice may seem simple on the surface, it can lead you to live a more balanced, harmonious, and aligned life. It carries more weight than meets the eye. 

That advice reminds me just how much our ancestors are always rooting for us. Speaking of roots, BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) as a collective have a steeped tradition of honoring and connecting with our ancestors. We have relied on their guidance to help us navigate through challenging times and when we are dancing with joy. 

However, many of us are being drawn to have an even more intimate relationship with our ancestors in these turbulent times. From our ancient ancestors to our most recently departed, all of them can be a benevolent part of our journey in this lifetime. More specifically, as BIPOC individuals relying on our ancestors feels more necessary than ever before due to these chaotic times that we are living in. Every day we have to face racial injustice, live with the damage being done to Mother Earth from climate change, and participate in a toxic hustle culture due to misaligned capitalism. Much of life feels uncontrollable and simply overwhelming. 

Naturally, this can lead us to wonder how we can step into our most magnetic selves by connecting with our ancestors. 

To manifest a deeper connection with our ancestors, it's important to take a step back and dive into what our ancestors have to teach us with their divine wisdom. 

Our ancestors lived full lives before we made our way into the earthly plane. During their time earthside, they gained knowledge from both pain and prosperity. Their experiences can guide us to navigate our own lives best, and that starts with what lessons they can teach us. 

As BIPOC, our ancestral backgrounds are diverse, but there are common themes that all of our ancestors can teach us to live the most peaceful lives that we can. 

Amongst those lessons are: 

● Trust your intuition

● Feel your feelings

● Embrace the power of setting intentions

● Release what no longer serves your soul

● Keep your heart open, so you can always lead with love 

To circle back to the wisdom of embracing the power of setting intentions ironically ties into how you can begin to start tapping into ancestral wisdom to manifest abundance and alchemy. When we are intentional about creating the life that we want, we leave less room for poor decisions and wasted time. Our ancestors always knew that we would one day need them to be the culmination of their wildest dreams. Therefore, we can't allow anything to stop us from connecting to them at a core spiritual level to make their dreams and our own a reality. 

Here are six ways you can honor and respect your ancestors so you can manifest more abundance and alchemy into your life: 

1- Build and maintain an ancestor altar

This is by far one of the most popular and powerful ways of respecting and connecting with your ancestors. You can get very creative with how you create your altar because it's all about the intentions you set. People often create their ancestor altars by placing pictures, flowers, ancestor money, candles, and any small personal belongings of their ancestors. Putting these items in a dedicated area that will not be overcrowded is ideal. Give your ancestors the energetic and physical space to flourish in your life, and they will always support you. 

2 - Practice one of their rituals

If you knew that one of your ancestors always practiced a certain ritual or element of magic, then never hesitate to do the same. For some, their ancestors practiced candle magic, or smoked blended herbs, or took spiritual baths. Whatever it may be, if you know a sacred ritual of theirs, this is a quick way to begin connecting with their energy. 

3 - Honor one of their gifts that you also have

My paternal grandmother was a phenomenal cook, and so is my sister. For the longest time, my sister had no idea why she had such a love for cooking (our grandmother transitioned before my sister was born), and then one day, it hit her. It's because her paternal grandmother also had a love for cooking. Now my sister uses her time in the kitchen to connect with our grandmother's spirit. So often, this is an overlooked way to gain guidance from our ancestors but one worth exploring if you are seeking to build a connection with your ancestors. 

4 - Always speak of them with reverence 

Our ancestors, as BIPOC, lived during times of being under tremendous threat while also doing their best to claim any pieces of joy that they could. When we recall them both verbally and even mentally, always do so by speaking highly of them. This is a divine way to show your respect for them as a part of your bloodline. They can feel way more than we often give them credit for. And our words and emotions towards them are no different. Speak with care and respect. They will reward you for it. 

5 - Pray to them

This may be one of the ways you already connect with them, but it's still worth mentioning. Plus, as always, it's about your intentions as well. When you pray to them, are you doing so because you seek their divine guidance, or were you socially taught to pray to them by your caregivers when you were growing up? If your answer is the latter, then now is an ideal time to begin creating your own rituals around prayer to your ancestors. Pray to them about past challenges that you know they faced, and ask for wisdom to do the same. Or celebrate your joys with them because you know that they would be proud of you. Whatever it may be, just keep pure intentions behind your communication with them and watch how your life will begin to feel more in alignment and full of alchemy. 

6 - Write letters to them

As a writer, this comes naturally to me, and it may also be the perfect solution for you. Letters are energetic petitions to your spiritual support team, which should include your ancestors. You can write letters to specific ancestors or letters to them as a familial clan. Either way, what we put on the pen to paper can quickly serve as a vessel for healing and abundance, thanks to their guidance. 

What do you think about those six magnetic ways for tapping into ancestral wisdom? I hope that a few of them resonated with you and you resolved to explore them. 

If the idea of connecting with your ancestors on your own brings you some overwhelm or hesitation, that is perfectly normal. To overcome this challenge, speaking with one of our trusted psychic spiritual advisors may be the ideal route to go. When you book a session with them, your first three minutes are free. Click HERE to book your first call. Your soul will be glad that you did! 

Remember: your ancestors are always rooting for you. 

Take DEEP care. 


CJ Johnson 

CJ Johnson
“I'm a writer with a fascination for plant medicine and a passion for social justice, spirituality, and holistic wellness. Tarot journaling and chocolate donuts keep me balanced. I'm based in Texas and dream of living near a salty ocean with my ancestors to keep me company.”- CJ Johnson

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