Love is Love; Psychic Readings for the LGBTQIA+ Experience
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Love is Love; Psychic Readings for the LGBTQIA+ Experience

June 13, 2022 by Psychic Armin x4088
LGBTQIA+ friendly psychics can offer you the insight you're seeking!
LGBTQIA+ friendly psychics can offer you the insight you're seeking!

Getting that special job, finding true love, figuring out how to pay bills, and wondering what is next are a few "kitchen table" conversation topics that come up in readings and concerns that everyone at some point visits. But, when you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, these subjects are augmented by other specific concerns and can become dauntingly complex.   

Things become nuanced when you factor in variations of gender, orientation, identity, and sense of self. The multilayered ways of 'being' within the LGBTQIA+ world is multifaceted, diverse, rich, and textured. Set against the backdrop of the many ways of being and loving, there is the persistent struggle for acceptance. The desire to be understood, even appreciated, is omnipresent. 

Relationships of all kinds can be convoluted, contradictory, and confusing. Desires, feelings, and expectations render loving another far from simple. Just as people are unique, so are their expectations and needs. Factor in all the ways we communicate (in person, via Zoom, over text, slipping in DMs...) and even something directly stated may not be clearly understood. These are the primary problem areas of love that all encounter, no matter who they love or how they express it. 

When "boys meets girl," our society encourages such relationships. A heterosexual couple does not have to fear exclusion, and persecution and lack of safety are not primary concerns for straight couples. However, venture beyond the dichotomy of male and female, and there is always lurking the potential for negative repercussions.   

Alienation from family, exclusion from the community, places of worship, and potential jobs are realities that LGBTQ plus people are acutely familiar. Even though Gay concerns are more tolerated today than they have been here in the U.S., that does not translate into automatic universal acceptance. Some prefer we remain silent, and controversy is present when our lives and loves refuse to remain invisible. 

Gay sexuality is not yet universally embraced as equal to straight sexuality. Even with legal same-sex marriage, there is a general (and false!) sense that such committed relationships are lesser in quality and commitment than their counterparts. Add to this trans and non-binary relationships, and acceptance levels go down appreciably. Diminishing and disbelief contribute to viewing variation as unacceptable at worst and barely tolerable at best. And this dismissal is prevalent - it even touches the world of Psychic guidance. 


Readings With LGBTQIA+ Friendly Psychics 

One of the most important things for anyone calling into PathForward is the need to talk to someone who understands their situation - someone who can empathize with their dilemmas and validate their worth. But coming from the 'outside world' where such consideration can be rare for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, some callers can hesitate to reach out. And that's where a psychic member or alley of the LGBTQIA+ community comes in! 

An LGBTQ plus Psychic Reader has the insight to connect with your concerns truly. Intellectually understanding a situation is critical, and it is just as important to have that spiritual psychic sense of things. However, another level of empathy arises when you have similar experiences and shared identities and come from the same culture and orientation or orientations. LGBTQ callers need to know someone understands emotionally, intellectually, and from a place of genuine care and concern.   

A Gay psychic will have experienced the very struggles of being gay in a predominantly straight world, one that is in some place’s hostile to the very existence of diverse peoples. Such an LGBTQ-friendly Psychic will have firsthand knowledge of acceptance, fear, oppression, and doubt.   

The worry of job loss, conflicts with faith-based communities, homophobia, and difficulties finding supportive friends are not alien to a person who has had to deal with such issues. An LGBTQ-friendly Reader has the experience and understands the person on the other side of the conversation. 

What a member of the community seeks is someone who understands the larger Gay Culture. There is an entire language, slang, and perspective unique to the Queer world, and someone intimately familiar with this can create the rapport that callers frequently anticipate finding. The terms, jokes, and inside references that constitute this sphere adjacent to the mainstream culture are deep. It borrows from numerous cultures and frequently references other languages, and it also borrows linguistic patterns and terminology drawn from Ebonics, an African-American language in its own right.    

Someone who searches for a reader who understands these elements can communicate in a comfortable, familiar, and reassuring way without feeling condescension. A caller from the community appreciates contacting someone with an insider perspective. 

Romance has many layers. The complexities and issues that arise in love in the LGBTQ plus world become more so. From finding the right person to handling the usual highs and lows of love, all become more complicated when one is Gay, Bi, or any other orientation aside from Straight. The very process of coming out and falling in love, or being closeted but in love, are situations that have no equivalent in the heterosexual world. A caller hopes you understand and can empathize without explanation. 

No one exists in the world in a vacuum. We all live in a social context. Those outside pressures, and internal ones, differ from person to person. There is no template on how to address all of these matters. But there is an approach, and callers do welcome someone who comes to the table with the ability to ask essential questions when necessary. LGBTQI+ people are familiar with the many persons in our group and outside of it. We interact with and know the highs, lows, and common ground we share. Perhaps the biggest common denominator is that we know how it feels to be treated unfairly. 

Callers know what it is like to be judged based on the surface without ever looking deeper. They know well what it is like to be prejudged.   

They also know love and happiness and have goals and dreams. What cannot be forgotten are the basic elements of humanity we share. Even with the many differences, we all have fundamental life concerns. All of us want community, acceptance, love, fair treatment, and an equal playing field in all venues of work and social interaction. We all have dreams we want to see made real. 

What can facilitate greater understanding is knowing the person at the other end understands the issues our diverse community faces. Clearly, a Psychic does not have to be LGBTQ+ to give an excellent reading. A caller ultimately seeks someone aware and sensitive of the community's needs and that they are being treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. In the end, the basics are what all callers seek and anticipate finding. 


Let’s Connect 

The community is diverse, and that is one of its strengths. While the basic topics of love, work, and life struggles are similar for all, there are marked differences when one is not straight. The complexities and concerns raised to demand a specific understanding also require special awareness of the issues of diversity and social acceptance.    

If you're looking for a reading from a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I'd love to talk with you. As would any of the many gifted and LGBTQ+ friendly readers on our service.


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