Does Your House Have Negative Energy? 4 Ways to Tell
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Does Your House Have Negative Energy? 4 Ways to Tell

October 08, 2019
A negative home creates a negative home life.
A negative home creates a negative home life.

No one wants to think that their home has negative energy that could sap every ounce of good feelings that come through the door. Unfortunately, houses sometimes take on lives of their own, and while you aren't necessarily dealing with an Amityville situation, previous tenants or the energy of your own troubles could negatively affect your house to its very foundations. Instead of preparing to pick up stakes and move, learn to identify the signs of negative energy so you can banish them.

There's Clutter Everywhere

Clutter, clutter everywhere, and not a place to store it. What's the clutter situation like in your house? If you have messes and debris everywhere, no one's going to feel happy and positive. Clutter smothers, it's unnecessary, and it can even lead to hoarding. One way to help this sign of negativity is to clean up, prioritize, and purge. If you still have things from high school or college, clothes you never wear, and magazines you never read, toss them. Create a clean space filled with positive energy.

However, you can also have space clutter, and it has nothing to do with the physical space invaded by physical clutter. Clearing this kind of clutter involves a space cleanse. You still need to clean up, but you also need to rely on incense, purifying salt, and elements of saging and feng shui to clear your home of negative energy.

Everyone Fights

How do people feel in your home? Do people start sniping, bickering, or feeling sad when they step over your threshold? Do you fight with your partner and your children? If the energy seems to change the second you come home, there's a serious problem. In this instance it's all but imperative that you contact a live psychic and find out what's wrong. The negative energy might come from your home's inhabitants, in which case you need to see where the positive emotions are.

Everything Is Dark and Dreary

Is your home always dark, dreary, and stagnant? One thing you can do is let in the light. Turn on the lights, buy candles, lift the blinds, and get those windows open! You need fresh air and open space to restore harmony in your home. Let the place breathe, so that you can breathe easier too. This is another instance where feng shui can restore balance and positivity.

There's Too Much Noise

What are the noise levels in your home? Whether the loud noise comes from the TV, the kids, or loud fighting, it needs to stop. Here you can really benefit from a psychic medium. Let your psychic listen to your home over the phone, describe the types of noise that strike discord, and listen to his or her advice. All that racket can drown out every positive emotion that comes into your home. You need quiet, peace, and soothing sounds to reintroduce harmony.

When your home is a negative place, it's no longer a sanctuary and you may not enjoy spending time there. Don't let darkness and sadness drive you out of the place you built with love and hope.

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