Help a Clingy Friend Back Off and Take a Hint

Help a Clingy Friend Back Off and Take a Hint

October 15, 2019
Helping a clingy friend back off and take a hint
You might have heard of having a clingy boyfriend before, but have you ever had a friend who just can't seem to get enough of you? Sometimes, our best friends turn out to be our most annoying companions when they don't know how to put down the phone.

If you have a friend who never stops calling, texting and emailing you, there are a few things you can do. First, speak to a live psychic to gain insight into why she's being so needy. Psychic readings may give you a clearer picture of your friend's objectives.

Next, sit down with your friend and let her know (sensitively, of course) that she's being a little bothersome. It isn't always convenient for you to drop everything to pick up the phone and talk to her during all hours of the day - not to mention, it's probably causing your phone bill to skyrocket.

Finally, take measures into your own hands if things don't stop. It might seem a little mean to not reply to an email or hit "ignore" when you receive a call, but doing so may help your clingy friend get the hint.

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