Making Amends: 5 Ways to Apologize
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Making Amends: 5 Ways to Apologize

April 18, 2019
Apologizing can help you make peace
Apologizing can help you make peace
Sometimes apologizing is incredibly difficult, simply because it involves a certain level of humility. If you know you've done something wrong to someone you love, however, making amends is a must. You've got to right your past wrongs, soothe your relationship, and smooth over those past hurts as deeply and sincerely as you possibly can.

Know What You're Apologizing For
Never apologize just because you think it's what you're supposed to do. You have to really feel sorry to make amends. Think about what went wrong. Are you apologizing to a friend you hurt badly in the past? If necessary, talk to an empath psychic advisor, who can help you decide if you're being honest and sincere. Whether you're apologizing to your best friend, an old colleague, or a formerly close family member, you have to mean what you say.

Make Sure You're Sincere
People can spot insincerity from a mile away. In particular, an insincere apology stands out like a sore thumb. Don't do a disservice to the person you're making amends to by offering a lip-service apology. You know by now why you're asking forgiveness. Be as open and sincere as you can. It will shine through and go a long way toward repairing the rift between you.

Don't Make a Vague Apology
In the same vein, you cannot make a vague apology. Be specific when you approach the person you burned in the past. You don't have to rehash everything that happened and you shouldn't make excuses for your behavior, but you can try to explain your motivations. Do not put the blame on the other person and don't absolve your behavior, especially if you did something really bad, such as disrespecting your mother in public or dating your best friend's ex-boyfriend. Simply make sure that the other person realizes that you know what you did and why you're sorry.

Make a Loving Gesture
Because apologizing is so often difficult, sometimes you have to rely on more than words. Discuss making amends with a psychic to learn about some of the best ways to really apologize. You have to follow-up the words with action, to prove that you're really sorry. A thoughtful, loving gesture is a great suggestion. You might send flowers, bake someone a cake, or write a heartfelt note detailing how much you miss and love the other person. If it's sincere, it will go over well.

Give the Other Person Space
You friend or family member may not accept your apology right away — or even at all. It depends on your apology, your relationship, the amount of time that's passed, and what you did wrong. That's okay. Making amends is the important part; you can't force someone to forgive you if that person isn't ready.

You can, however, give the other person space. If they can't forgive you right away, give them time to process and think. You've had a lot of time to think about your apology; the other person deserves that same amount of time. When your friend is ready, he or she will come to you.

Don't let pride get in the way of making an apology when you've done something wrong. How do you show your sincerity when you apologize?

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