4 Interracial Dating Tips for Black Women and Men
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4 Interracial Dating Tips for Black Women and Men

July 13, 2021 by CJ Johnson
Love is colorblind, but society isn't always so. Here are 4 tips to help you navigate an interracial relationship.
Love is colorblind, but society isn't always so. Here are 4 tips to help you navigate an interracial relationship.

Dating in 2021 has taken on a completely new normal. We’ve gone from blind dates at coffee shops to making love connections via ZOOM and now back to dates in the park as the world opens back up. Making the decision to start dating again can bring up feelings from nervousness (we’ve all been there) to excitement at the idea of falling in love one day.

With all of that in mind, you may also be considering giving interracial dating a try or trying it again if you have in the past. If you’re anything like me, you want to be as prepared as possible mentally, emotionally, and definitely spiritually, while giving interracial dating an honest try.

Many thoughts may be swirling in your head and heart as you consider interracial dating in 2021. You may have concerns over expectations, safety, and internal biases - all of which are valid. After the challenging year that was 2020, when a record number of people began to process how race and racism impacts their lives, it can even be a bit overwhelming to prepare to test the interracial dating waters.

Considering that 2020 was such a banner year for diversity and inclusion being top of mind, this year could potentially be the best year to consider and begin dating people who are not of your same racial group or heritage. Based on the current upward trend of people deciding to pursue interracial dating, you can use this year to determine if doing so is ideal for you or not.

Don’t allow fears to potentially hold you back from finding true love if that is a reality you desire to manifest.

At PathForward we aim to always inspire you to live your best life mind, body, and soul. And we know that interracial dating is a part of the journey that many of you are ready to embark on this year.

With that in mind we have 4 interracial dating tips for Black women and men. All are geared towards helping you gain a sense of confidence in exploring this route to finding love.

Before diving in, I want to share a few words with Black women dating white men. I understand that making this decision may be a tough one. Collectively and statistically, Black women have explored interracial dating the least out of other racial groups in the US. We have historically reserved our “happily ever after” dreams for Black men.

However, times and attitudes are shifting. If you want to meet your Prince Charming, opening up your dating pool can lead to increased odds of finding him. The ideal man for you may in fact be a white man with a loving heart and the best of intentions. Let this year be the year that you take a leap of faith to see what the Universe truly has in store for you.

I also want to note that if you are a Black man dating white women, it is also important that you follow your heart and not allow society’s expectations and opinions of you to stop you from finding the love that you were meant to have in this lifetime.

Now, are you ready to tap in and connect with these 4 interracial dating tips? Let’s go!

Tip Number 1: Look for Shared Values in a Partner

This may be perhaps the most important mindset to have while dating, especially if you are pursuing an interracial relationship. Make sure that you and your partner have similar values when it comes to racial injustice, diversity, and even politics. Those areas tend to be the biggest indicators of compatibility long-term when it comes to interracial dating.

Tip Number 2: Ask the Hard Questions Early On

Don’t allow too much time to pass in the dating stage before you get answers to the questions that can potentially challenge a connection the most while dating interracially.

  • Have you ever dated outside of your race?
  • Would you ever have interracial children?
  • Do you have family members who would oppose our relationship?
  • Have you been an active ally of people of color, and if so, for how long?

Those are just a few questions to ask, but the list can get quite extensive if you feel that it is necessary in order to put you most at ease. Discovering these answers early can help you quickly determine if your connection can be sustainable and fulfilling.

Tip Number 3: Have a Plan of Action as a Couple When Faced with Hostility or Discrimination

Even in 2021, there may be instances where your interracial relationship will be tested or meet disapproval. The best way to strengthen your bond and successfully overcome those challenges is by being proactive. Create a plan of action with your partner for how you will protect and advocate for each other and your relationship when faced with criticism. It is during these times when you will discover how much love is genuinely between the two of you, so make sure that you are in alignment with each other and prepared to stand up for justice.

Tip Number 4: Always Put Love First

This tip rides on the coattails of tip number three. Essentially, it is of utmost importance to hold onto love and its transformative power during your interracial relationship. When the world feels on fire like it did last summer after the death of George Floyd, it will be imperative that you always tap into love as a couple. Love for each other and love for humankind as a whole. Work in earnest to not allow discrimination and uncomfortable incidents stand in the way of having a relationship that is filled with harmony and joy.

I sincerely hope these four tips have helped to ease any concerns you may have about interracial dating moving forward. The key to dating successfully outside of your race is to hold onto empathy and build trust from your very first date.

However, if you are still feeling uncertain about whether interracial dating is a path you should explore, then I’d love to invite you to speak with one of our psychic spiritual advisors.

Their intuitive insight and guidance will help you to best determine if your spirit is authentically ready to give interracial dating a try. Schedule your call with one of them TODAY (the first ten minutes is FREE)!

“To love is risky. Not to love is foolish” - Maxine Legace

Until next month, wishing you much abundance in your adventures for finding true love.

Take DEEP Care!!


CJ Johnson

CJ Johnson
“I'm a writer with a fascination for plant medicine and a passion for social justice, spirituality, and holistic wellness. Tarot journaling and chocolate donuts keep me balanced. I'm based in Texas and dream of living near a salty ocean with my ancestors to keep me company.”- CJ Johnson

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