4 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Fail
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4 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Fail

August 01, 2018
Is your long distance relationship doomed to fail?
Is your long distance relationship doomed to fail?

If you've ever been in a long distance relationship, you know the struggle of making it work—and maybe it didn't. Most long distance relationships fail, or at least go through periods of extreme strife, because time and closeness are both essential to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. There are exceptions to this, but if you want to make your relationship work, you need to know what they are so you can avoid them at all costs.

Communication Comes to a Stop

At first, you're on the phone all the time. You text constantly, you rush home from work to get on Skype, you cancel plans with your friends so you can FaceTime, and it seems like you're really together. Regular communication is imperative for keeping a long distance relationship going, but you must remember two important things:

  • You should never sacrifice your real life to spend time on the phone or the computer.
  • You have to keep your communication steady over time.

If you inundate each other with constant communication in the beginning, it's all too easy to get burned out over time. You'll stop talking every day, and then you'll start getting suspicious, bored, or indifferent. Strike a balance if you want it to work.

You Don't Make Plans

Are you making plans for the future, or are you stuck in long distance limbo? What's going to happen after you can finally live together, in the same place? Are you even working toward that? The answers to these questions are crucial, because if you aren't making plans for the future, then you're not really building something real.

Talk to your partner about what you want. Plan the trajectory of your relationship. You can even create a rough timeline if possible. If the future seems murky to you, it's time to find a psychic network that can help you. Talk to someone about what the future holds for your relationship.

You Never See Each Other

Just as you have to make plans for your future, you have to make time to see each other. Your relationship cannot simply exist over Skype or text messages. If both of you do what you can to see each other, your long distance relationship has a shot. However, if the burden is on one person or you're both content with never seeing each other in person, you're pretty well doomed.

There's No Trust

Do you constantly worry about your partner cheating because you're not there? Do you spend all your time wondering what he or she is up to when you aren't talking? Is every unanswered text an omen? How about your partner, does he or she wonder about you?

That's no way to live. If you want to make this work, you have to trust each other. A lack of trust dooms any relationship, even if you live in the same house. When you're in different zip codes, states, or countries, it's so much worse. If you have trust issues and there's no merit for them—in other words, if your partner hasn't warranted any suspicion—then you should find a psychic advisor, and see what you can do or change to improve your trust and work on your relationship.

You can make your relationship last, but it takes serious work on both parts. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship that lasted?

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