5 Sex Fetishes Worth Trying
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5 Sex Fetishes Worth Trying

September 19, 2017
Have you told your lover about your fantasy?
Have you told your lover about your fantasy?

Sexual fetishes come in all forms, but they get something of a bad reputation just because of that word, fetish. You shouldn't feel put off of exploring the wide, wonderful world of fetishes, however, especially if you want to bring some excitement back into the bedroom. By familiarizing yourself with some of the more well-known fetishes, you might discover that you already have one and didn't even realize it.

Sexy S&M

No doubt the world has Fifty Shades of Grey to thank for the popularization and mainstreaming of S&M, or sadism and masochism. S&M takes many forms, but at its heart, it's a delicate balance between dominance and submission. It can start tame, with some silk scarves or playful handcuffs, or it can get a bit deeper and more intense.* It's an excellent fetish to explore if you enjoy the idea of being dominating or submissive, but it's imperative that you and your partner trust each other.

Before beginning, talk to an online psychic. The anonymity will make you feel more comfortable, but you can receive some helpful, practical advice. Specifically, talk about how to proceed carefully, and discuss how to increase and demonstrate your trust in each other.

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Voyeurism and exhibitionism often go hand in hand. Voyeurs like to watch, exhibitionists like to show. You and your partner may already have the fetish without knowing it. It's a fantastic, exciting fetish to bring into the bedroom—or out of it. If you're versatile, you can take turns and switch off your roles. You can watch your lover as he or she puts on a show, and then you can switch places.

Public Places

Do you get a thrill from the idea of being together in a public place? You and your partner might have agoraphilia. Don't worry, because that's not a phobia, it's a fetish. Specifically, people with agoraphilia get excited by the idea of doing something naughty in public. You get an adrenaline rush from the risk of getting caught. As long as you're responsible and reasonably safe, there's no reason not to explore this side of yourself.

Older and Wiser

Do you love the idea of being with someone older? This is a common fetish, but most people view it as a preference instead of an actual fetish. In truth you can classify it as both, but it still amounts to the same thing: you're attracted to older people. There are endless descriptors here, and it's different for everyone. For instance, you may fall for people a decade older than yourself, or several. You should think about having a tarot love reading to see if meeting an older, mysterious stranger is in your future.

Body Modification

Although there are extreme forms of body modification and specific fetishes to go with them, some people are simply turned on by piercings and tattoos. Do you love seeing a man or woman with terrific ink? Do you love being pierced yourself? It's something to look into—and something to talk about-- if you're dating someone open-minded.

Never feel ashamed or weird about your sexual fetishes. Everyone has one, and being open about yours can really improve your sex life.

*PathForward psychics never condones the infliction of pain to oneself or another. Please practice these suggestions responsibly.

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