5 Ways to Know if Your First Date Will Lead to a Second
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5 Ways to Know if Your First Date Will Lead to a Second

October 01, 2019
Couple on a date
Couple on a date

It's no surprise that you're nervous about your first date. Take a deep breath. Even though you need to focus on making the first impression a success, you can't stop thinking about that possible second date. Here are five ways to know if your first date will lead to a second.

1. You Feel a Lot of Chemistry

Chemistry is the biggest factor that will lead to a second date. Even if the date is a disaster but you both still like each other, you'll give it a second chance. Don't be afraid to play off that chemistry on the first date to increase your chances of a second. Hold hands if you're feeling it, or offer to walk your date home.

2. Your Conversations are Meaningful and Focused

If you're hoping for a second date, pay attention to how you're both communicating. It's good to talk about things that actually matter, so you won't run out of things to say on your second date and be stuck talking about what you had for breakfast during the last week. Also, consider how focused the conversation is. Are you paying attention to each other? Or are you each stealing glances at your phone and texting friends?

Sometimes it's hard to read someone you barely know like this. If you're unsure if your date is interested in you or not, consider talking to a love psychic afterward for advice.

3. Your Date Lasts Longer Than Expected

If you agreed to go out to dinner but you end up exploring the city afterward, it means your date is enjoying your company and doesn't want to just end it after dinner. If your companion is willing to stretch out the first date as long as possible, you can bet he or she wants to see you again.

4. You Hoped for More at Your Goodbye

It's a great sign if you didn't stand at your door hoping your date would leave as soon as possible. If your date wasn't in a rush to leave but hung around at your stoop, he or she was probably hoping for a bit more time with you too. Your first date doesn't have to end with a kiss, but if you felt that lingering moment where it might happen, congratulations! Cross your fingers that it will on your next date because that's where you're headed.

5. You Receive Post-Date Contact

Even if your date doesn't text you for a second date, if he or she makes contact at all it means that you're not in the "Worst Date Ever, I Never Want to See Them Again" category. You can bet your date enjoyed your company enough to say yes to a second.

Didn't see these signs while on your first date? Don't be discouraged. Even bad first dates can lead to a second one, so don't be afraid to call the person and make plans to get together again. Need another opinion? Consider contacting an online psychic for more insight into your situation.

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