5 Ways to Own a Room When You Walk Into It
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5 Ways to Own a Room When You Walk Into It

November 01, 2018
Want to walk into any room and instantly own it? You can.
Want to walk into any room and instantly own it? You can.

You know the type -- the ones who walk into a room and instantly own it, along with everyone in it. Wouldn't you love to have that skill? As it happens, you can! The ability to command a room isn't necessarily born in a person; many successful people are able to develop this skill no matter what their natural instincts are. Here's how. 

1. Have Confidence 

Confidence isn't arrogance. Confidence is the knowledge that you are worth the time, attention, and efforts of others. Confidence means you know exactly who you are and you accept this person 100 percent. Arrogance is thinking you are better than others while confidence is believing in your worth as well as the worth of others. Give yourself a pep talk before walking in. Remind yourself of your successes and why people should trust and admire you. This belief in yourself will naturally translate into confidence radiating out so others can see. If you're struggling with confidence, consider working with an online psychic reader

2. Use Good Body Language 

Good body language is a byproduct of confidence. The good news is you can fake it until you make it. When you see others walk into a room and own it, what are the things you notice? Those people hold their head straight. They don't hold their noses in the air -- that's what arrogant people do. Instead, they look straight ahead and meet people eye to eye. Keep your back straight and square your shoulders. Don't fold your arms in front of yourself, but instead keep an open, inviting, confident posture. 

3. Be Your Authentic Self 

Faking it until you make it doesn't mean you become someone you're not. People sense insincerity and this doesn't cause you to own a room, it causes you to alienate others. Don't be afraid to laugh and joke. Be your authentic self. Don't over think what you say and do; just go with the flow. Never focus on your own weaknesses, because everyone has them. Instead, let people see your positive attributes, such as how well you tell a joke, how well you remember names, or how skilled you are at making people feel comfortable. 

4. Don't Go With a Crowd 

It might be tempting to boost your confidence and morale with some companionship. However, this has the opposite effect. People who own the room walk in themselves and let others enjoy their presence. If you go in with a group of people you know, you'll be tempted to blend in with them with no grand solo entrance or time to work the room. Walk in alone, and confident you will rock it out solo. If you feel like you need extra support, spend some time with your psychic medium beforehand. 

5. Seek Out People Open to Conversation 

No matter how grand your entrance, it will wane quickly if you stand there alone with no idea what to do. Learn to spot people who are open to greetings and conversation and just stroll up and introduce yourself. Great people to approach include people standing alone or people standing with others when the conversation doesn't seem too engaging. Look for signs that people aren't enjoying the conversation or people who are looking around for someone to converse with. 

These strategies work in most any type of crowd, including office parties, political gatherings, conferences, social parties, and more. Learn the art of walking in and owning a room, and these skills will follow you wherever you go. 

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