5 Ways to Seduce a Man Without Looking Desperate by PathForward Psychics
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

5 Ways to Seduce a Man Without Looking Desperate by PathForward Psychics

March 21, 2020
Make him work for it!
Make him work for it!
You're single and attempting to mingle. Yet, something you're doing isn't working. You've gotten some smiles and few noteworthy pick up lines, but not one invitation for a first date.

Your hair is looking fabulous, your outfits are top notch, and your legs are begging to be noticed. You bite your lip and bat your lashes and yet, no man is begging for your attention. No need to fret. Here are several ways to attract those guys without trying too hard.

1. Show Off Your Confidence
Nothing is more attractive than a woman who knows her strengths. Make mental list of your sexiest and coolest qualities. If you want to know what guys notice specifically about you, consider getting a phone psychic reading to identify what qualities you should flaunt.

Remember those things when you're out on the town. Hold your shoulders back, stand up tall, and walk around like you own the place.

2. Keep It Classy
Remember how your mom always told you "there should be something left to the imagination?" She was right. Don't go out with your chest pushed to your chin or your skirt grazing the bottom of your cheeks. Those looks scream attention-hungry.

At the same time, don't expect much attention if you're wearing a turtleneck. Show a classy amount of skin and men will be imagining what's left to see.

3. Flirt Subtly and Minimally
So your good looks and obvious confidence got the guy to come over to you. Now what? Once you've engaged in conversation and he shows clear interest, you can begin pulling out some moves. Place your hand on his shoulder as you laugh at his jokes. "Accidently" graze your body gently against his arm as you step away.

Too often, women find it necessary to go overboard with touching. This often leads men to believe that there will be no challenge. Keep the flirty touching minimal and he'll be begging for the chase.

4. Be Funny and Interesting
Pull out that charm and a little wit and you'll have any guy swooning. Men love women who can crack a successful joke. They also enjoy women who have entertaining stories to tell. 

Part of being interesting is asking questions. Don't forget to ask him about his career, hobbies, and past life. Think about how psychics know you within minutes of meeting you. They ask you questions, feel you out, and make a connection. Do as they do and he'll be intrigued. 

5. End The Conversation Before He Does
It's all about the chase ladies. Men love a good challenge so give them one. After you've made him smile, laugh, and continuously check out your goods, walk away.

Don't wait for him to get your number because with that mindset, he probably never will. Chances are, when you strut back over to your girlfriends, he'll chase after you for those digits.

Use some of these simple suggestions and schemes and you'll have all the guys swarming in no time. There's no need to try too hard. Just be you.

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