6 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Own Happiness
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

6 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Own Happiness

May 06, 2019
End the complaint game and turn to positive talk instead.
End the complaint game and turn to positive talk instead.

Happiness often seems like an elusive creature that’s always darting just out of our reach when we think we’ve finally built the perfect trap. Without even realizing it, you could be falling into habits that scare happiness away. Avoid these insidious actions and you could have happiness eating out of your hand.

Worrying Too Much About Others

We all have our own struggles, but it’s important to leave others’ problems to them, particularly if they haven’t asked you for help. Patrolling social media sites and fretting over whether other people are making the best choices is sure to create a perpetual feeling of dissatisfaction.

Playing the Complaint Game

Nearly everyone has fallen into this trap at one time or another. You get together with your friends and begin the circle of complaints, each one trying to come up with something just as bad or worse. One friend mentions that her husband didn’t do the dishes. The next says her husband hasn’t done the dishes in a week. The third laments the fact that her husband can’t do dishes right even when he tries. Stop this vicious cycle and counter complaints with positive comments instead.

Running a Negative Interior Monologue

The way you think directly impacts the way you act and feel. If you’re constantly expecting the worst, you’re going to feel miserable whether your fears come to pass or not. Most people cycle through certain thoughts unconsciously. It can take a lot of effort to change your interior monologue, but it’s well worth it. Speaking with a psychic advisor can help you identify your most insidious thought patterns.

Blaming Others

When something bad happens, do you immediately identify what you did wrong and come up with a way to fix it, or do you shoulder the blame off on someone else and point to what they did? If you constantly imply that unfortunate events are totally out of your control, you’ll never feel powerful enough to stop them. Take the blame, but also take the power to improve things in the future.

Seeking Revenge

The idea of revenge is usually much sweeter than the reality. If you’re seeking revenge, you’re holding on to the past, and both will slowly drain away your happiness. A phone psychic can help you identify negative events you’re holding on to and offer some tips for letting go.

Making Comparisons

Your new car seems great until you notice someone with a better one. You’re thrilled with your lasagna till you hear that your sister's is better. Stop comparing your accomplishments and belongings with others and instead let every item stand alone. Appreciate things for what they are and ignore what they’re not.

Carefully consider whether your actions are promoting a positive atmosphere, or perpetuating negative thoughts and feelings. You can increase your happiness even in difficult situations by changing the way you approach trials, and learning to appreciate your successes more fully.

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