9 Truths No One Tells You About Having an Affair

9 Truths No One Tells You About Having an Affair

October 09, 2019
Office affairs are especially toxic destroying your personal and work life.
Office affairs are especially toxic destroying your personal and work life.

If the thought has crossed your mind to cheat on your partner, you may want to think again and consult an online psychic before you cross that line. Bad things happen with an affair. Here are 9 truths you need to know before having an affair.

You'll Lose Trust From People You Love

Most people who have had an affair report the hardest ramification is the loss of trust from friends and family. Not only their spouse lost trust, but their family and friends treated them differently.

You'll Get Caught

Eventually people will find out. Even if it is years down the road, your whole world can come crashing down in an instant—all for an affair that probably meant nothing.

Divorce Is Harder Than You Think

If your spouse does not forgive you and a divorce occurs. You can expect to lose most of what you have. Divorce brings out the worst in people. It will be the toughest most draining time in your life. 

You'll Become a Negative Role Model for Your Children

Children tend to side with the scorned partner, so a strained relationship with your children will be a reality. Also, your negative example will stay with them and influence decisions in their future.

Your Life Will End as You Know It

If your spouse leaves you, your standard of living declines. If a spouse currently contributes to the household income, you will lose that income. If they don't, and the court orders you to pay alimony, you will lose even more income. It takes years to rebuild financial security after a breakup.

You're Not in Love

Feelings of lust and love are hard to separate in the beginning of a new relationship. Even if you think you may love the person you want to have an affair with, it is most likely lust. Phone a psychic for more clarity on your feelings. 

You May Lose Your Job

Depending on your type of work, job loss is a reality once your affair is found out. Many companies feel that someone who cheats in their personal life is bad for the company's reputation. If clients are lost due to your indiscretion, your job is in jeopardy.

It's Hard to Forgive Yourself

Once you have an affair the feelings of guilt affect every part of your life. Whether you tell your spouse or keep it to yourself the guilt may become unbearable. If you tell your spouse and your relationship ends, it will be hard to forgive the mistake.

You're Exposing Yourself and Your Loved One to STDs

Most people who have contracted STDs through an extramarital affair thought the partner they cheated with was clean. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Many cheaters have contracted STDs as serious as herpes and HIV and passed those diseases on to their committed partners.

So if you are contemplating an affair, think before you act. One indiscretion will change your life forever. Is it worth it?

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