Find Happiness in Unusual Places
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Find Happiness in Unusual Places

June 12, 2019
Learning how to look is the first step to finding happiness.
Learning how to look is the first step to finding happiness.

If you feel like you’re always seeking a happiness that you just can’t find, you’re probably looking in all the wrong places. Try developing these habits and you may suddenly find a spark of joy in an unexpected spot.

Listening to the Quiet

If you only tune in when you think there’s something important to hear, you’re missing out on the beautiful soundtrack of life. Stop, close your eyes, and mindfully listen when you think things are quiet. Simply absorbing the lack of noise is an uplifting experience in itself if children or pets regularly surround you. In these quiet moments, you may also find new sources of pleasure, such as a distant birdsong or the sound of rain.

Considering How It Came to Be

If you take things for granted, you may miss out on many opportunities to feel thankful, blessed, and happy. Stop and consider how everything around you came to be. Think about the incredible sequence of events that had to take place for you to enjoy the clean water in your glass or delicious meal on the table. What miraculous discoveries lead to the cool breeze you’re feeling from your air conditioner? Reflect on the enormity of all these little things that make your life comfortable.

Limiting Technology Consumption

Technology breeds discontent quickly. Scrolling through social media hoping for excitement sets you up for frustration. Gluing your eyes to the TV or Internet for too long results in boredom. Limit your technology to short sessions, then step away to enjoy something else. Try real world alternatives. Get a live tarot reading instead of one online. Play solitaire with real cards and not a mouse.

Focusing on a Single Thing

Multitasking robs you of the opportunity to really enjoy all the things you’re working on. Focus on one thing at a time and make up your mind to enjoy it fully. Chew slowly and savor the flavors in every bite. Read carefully and catch all the nuances that carry you along with the story. Strive to listen to all the lyrics and instruments in a piece of music. Enjoy the pleasures of life in manageable bites instead of cramming them in before you can absorb their wonder.

Seeking Out Art

Seeking out art is sure to increase your happiness when you know how to do it. You must realize that there are all different types of art and seek those that speak to you. If contemporary art gives you a headache or classic sculptures bore you, don’t write off art entirely. Simply move on and continue on your journey to find those things that inspire you. If you need some guidance, speaking with a phone psychic may help.

If you think that a piece of cheese, a strain of music, or a single photograph can’t offer the key to happiness, you may need to reexamine the way you look for it. These habits will help you find beauty in even the most ordinary things.

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