Having Second Thoughts After Getting Engaged

Having Second Thoughts After Getting Engaged

June 07, 2019 by PathForward
How should you feel once things are official?
How should you feel once things are official?
Oh, the anticipation! You purchased the ring, took endless time to figure out the exact moment and setting, and she said, “Yes! Yes!!” 

…But now you’re having second thoughts as to whether you made the right choice. Did you notice that as soon as she accepted your proposal, you started to feel anxious like you were suffocating?

Did you start thinking to yourself, "Why didn't I just leave well enough alone? After all if something's not broke why try to fix it? Maybe I don't want to get married! What was I thinking?" But you really do love her and have no intention of leaving. Can you ask her for a do-over at a later time? Wow! All these thoughts are flooding into your head at the speed of light.

Don't worry… this happens more often than you think! It doesn't matter if this is your first marriage or if you've been married before. Did you ever stop to think maybe your new fiancé is also thinking the same thing? OMG. Yes, really. She may also be having second thoughts after she said, "yes!" A major change in life, any major change that is self-initiated, will cause one to rethink their original decision.

Be patient with your post-engagement jitters. These anxieties may be stemming from some bad baggage or experiences from a past marriage or relationship. If these feelings persist this means it’s time to talk to your prospective spouse. You need to release these fears and concerns. Open and honest communication will only strengthen your bond and bring you closer together!

Feel assured that your original decision took a lot of thought. You planned this whole glorious occasion. You made the right, well thought out decision. Love takes courage and you had enough courage to pop the question. Feel assured and let the rest fall into place. Congrats!!

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