Heart Animals and Familiars: A Love Affair With Our Pets
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Heart Animals and Familiars: A Love Affair With Our Pets

February 07, 2023 by PathForward
Looking for your soul mate? Your furry companion might already fill that role.
Looking for your soul mate? Your furry companion might already fill that role.

You can find love in so many places, and you're not alone if you're looking for your soul mate. Soul mates can come in many different forms! While romantic love is great, sometimes other types of love can offer just as much reward. Our bond with our pets is one example of another amazing kind of love you might experience in your life. So, can a pet be a soul mate? Let's take a look at heart animals and familiars and the roles these animals can play in our lives.

What Is a Heart Animal?

A heart animal is a furry companion with whom you share a deep, special bond. If you've created a one-of-a-kind relationship with a furry (or maybe feathery or scaly, no judgment!) friend, you might have a heart animal in your life.

A heart dog or heart cat (or bird, or snake, you get the picture) gives you companionship and love like no other animal can. You might even have other pets in your life, but the bond with your heart animal is something different.

Can a Pet Be a Soul Mate?

Yes, you can even align your heart animal to the concept of a human soul mate. You want to include your heart dog or cat in every aspect of your life and consider their well-being before any big decision. You can't really compare your heart animal with other animals you have in your life because there's just something unique and special to your bond.

How Do You Know if You Have (or Have Had) a Heart Animal?

A heart cat or dog is an animal that appears once in your life and changes everything, and that animal solves loneliness and offers unconditional love. So, how can you tell if a pet is your heart animal, especially if you have other animals in your life in the past or present or plan to in the future?

Of course, you love all your pets equally. But maybe you love a certain animal differently. You might snuggle with one animal in bed at night or always go on adventures with that pet. You might not realize your pet is your heart animal until another animal comes into the picture. The comparison can show you that you have an incomparable bond with a specific pet.

If you're still grieving a pet who passed away years ago, that's a sign your past pet was your heart animal. You might not realize you had a heart animal until the animal leaves the Earth. Sometimes it's hard to see how precious a relationship is before it's gone. Looking back at relationships with animals can show you if you've had a heart animal in the past.

If you currently have pets, understanding if you have a heart animal can help you embrace and nurture the bond you have while that pet is still in your life. Speaking with a Psychic is a great way to gain insight into your bond with a past or current pet so you can figure out if that pet is indeed your heart animal.

What Is a Familiar?

A familiar is similar to a heart animal, though this term is usually used specifically for pets that serve as the companion for a witch. Familiars, also known as imps, are typically small household pets. Legend holds that familiars act as guides who take on the form of an animal on Earth, serving as loyal protectors or guardians to witches and assisting with magic. If you consider yourself a witch, your heart animal might just be a familiar.

Like heart animals, familiars aren't just pets. They're true confidants and friends who understand their companion better than the human of the pair might understand themselves. Taking the relationship a step further, familiars can telepathically communicate in times of need thanks to a psychic connection. You might find your familiar's energy soothing and that you understand each other without communicating. In addition, familiars work in their own ways as magical practitioners or healers. For instance, you might get your furry companion involved in your daily tarot ritual.

How Do You Find Your Familiar?

First step: Finding your animal. Again, it's not just cats and dogs who might show up as your familiar. You might have a snake, hamster, or other animal play this important role. Any animal can act as a witch's familiar, with cats, dogs, mice, ravens, toads, and insects traditionally filling the role. Yeah, many witches really do have cat familiars, but there's a reason this trope is true. Cats have been admired as sacred for thousands of years, and the feline energy gets this.

Overall, though, you really can have any animal as your familiar. It just depends on how a given witch and animal connect. Sometimes the spirits of the witch and familiar simply want to work together, and it ultimately doesn't make a difference who the spirit belongs to — the meeting comes down to fate.

But how does a witch meet their familiar in the first place? The pair finds each other, one way or another. They choose to be the other's familiar and enter a mutually beneficial relationship. The meeting might occur out of luck. We've all heard stories of that cat or dog appearing at someone's house seemingly out of nowhere and never leaving. Or, maybe you intentionally bring home a pet and then feel that connection. However your familiar comes into your life, you can rest assured you'll feel the strong bond.

The love we share with our animal companions can be incredibly deep and rewarding. Whether you understand your pet as your heart animal or familiar, one thing is sure — that type of bond with a pet is extraordinary. Want to better understand your relationship with your pet? Get a Pet Psychic Reading today from an intuitive PathForward Psychic.


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