How Does When You Were Born Affect Your Current Relationships? by Psychic Lotus

How Does When You Were Born Affect Your Current Relationships? by Psychic Lotus

January 25, 2016 by Lotus 7557
If she's a Libra and he's a Cancer, can they make it work?
How does when you were born affect your current relationships?

When it comes to relationships, does it matter when you were born and is there such a thing as horoscope compatibility?

What makes for a compatible relationship when it comes to what astrological sign you are? When individual horoscopes are compared they allow you to see how different habits influence each of you. Will you be the boss? What part of your personalities will create balance and what part will create chaos? Using this knowledge will help you in dealing with others in all aspects of your life—be it involving work, family or your love life!

Much has been said about astrological compatibility of sun signs. What’s the best sign for Sagittarius and is it true that a Leo and an Aries is a great match? Maybe yes, maybe no—there can be much head-butting in such a relationship! In theory, Libra and Cancer might be very happy together although one is water and the other is air. Sun signs are only one of many of the hundreds of compatibility factors.

Yes, you can get an idea through a sun sign, but one must also consider other factors in compatibility. 

The ascendant and the descendant should be considered, as well as element matches and where the placement of the moon might be in your chart. The moon has a lot to do with relationships because this luminary tells us the state of emotions and conditioned responses.
Looking at a love relationship? One factor that can be looked at is the comparison of the Venus signs.

Though this can be similar to the sun sign compatibility, the Venus Sign compatibility will show you where the person’s love nature will be. Looking at Venus compatibility is key to relationship harmony or friction.

And of course, you can also look into getting a synastry analysis. This is the practice of comparing the horoscope of two individuals.

Compatibility astrology is a complex art, and when done professionally there are hundreds of variables to take into account. If you want an astrological compatibility chart, look to a professional astrology psychic to help you create one!

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