How to Handle Rumors That Your Partner is Cheating

How to Handle Rumors That Your Partner is Cheating

September 08, 2017
Is there something you don't know?
Is there something you don't know?
There's nothing worse than meeting the perfect guy, only to find out that he might not be single. Depending on where you met him and if he was wearing a wedding band on at the time, you could've been completely fooled. But how do you know if the whispers and rumors that he has a girlfriend are right?

1. Try to verify some of the facts you're hearing from your friends. For instance, ask around and find out if his mysterious girlfriend is a real person. Try to learn more about her, then see if you can catch your guy hanging around her for evidence.

2. Sit down with your boyfriend and ask him if the rumors are true. Some guys are quick to lie, but you might be surprised by the results. It's not uncommon for a man to come clean when his back is against the wall, and ousting a liar and cheater can save you from heartbreak.

3. Speak to a love psychic and receive a tarot reading to gain further insight into the situation. A psychic can use her talents to let you know if your Prince Charming isn't all he's cracked up to be.

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