How to Stop Cheating Before You Start by PathForward Psychics

How to Stop Cheating Before You Start by PathForward Psychics

July 29, 2016
If you're even considering cheating, evaluate your feelings before you act on them.
If you're even considering cheating, evaluate your feelings before you act on them.
According to research from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 57 percent of men admit to cheating on their partners. Women aren't so innocent either, with 54 percent admitting to infidelity. Once infidelity is discovered, psychologists say just 65 percent of couples stay together. So it's clear that the best way to protect your relationship is to stop cheating before you start.

Make Your Partner a Priority
Remember those heady days of early romance? You couldn't bear time apart and you wanted to know everything about one another. You blew off nights with the girls and refused to work late because you couldn't spend enough time together. But somewhere along the way, your partner slipped down the priority list.

Sometimes you'll need to prioritize your career or your friends over our love life, but this shouldn't be your default setting. To avoid cheating, it's crucial to plug back into your relationship. You may never recapture the energy of first love, but gestures like switching off your phone in the evening and scheduling date nights can make a big difference.

Start Really Communicating
If all those deep and meaningful conversations have given way to idle chitchat and small talk, you might be headed for an affair. A lack of communication is often cited as the main cause for an affair, so if you're not talking about real issues, including the problems in your relationship, it's time to start. 

That means remembering to argue too. You won't agree with your partner all the time, and it's vital to say so. Studies show spouses who argue at least once a week have longer, stronger marriages. In contrast, when couples stop arguing they're checking out of their relationship. They're giving up on being heard or changing the things they're dissatisfied with. A good argument can actually bring back passion and spice. Just remember to fight fair, as name-calling or threats will only weaken your bond.

Get Back to the Bedroom
Studies show 38 percent of men and 20 percent of women stray searching for more satisfying sex.  Rather than looking for that outside your relationship, it makes sense to turn to the person who knows you, and your body, better than anyone else.

Mismatched libido, family dramas, and work stress can all be mood killers, but it's vital to work through these issues and make time for intimacy. A lack of sex also leaves couples open to other cheating triggers, like craving emotional attention and feeling less desirable, so it's essential to discuss. 

Talk to a Professional
Talking to an unbiased professional can help you get an objective perspective on your relationship. Therapists can help clarify your emotions and suggest ways to get your relationship back on track. Alternatively, speaking to a love psychic or getting a love tarot card reading can offer a spiritual insight into your relationship's future.

Cheating is a mistake you can never come back from, one that will leave you guilty and your partner heartbroken. Is it really worth it?


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