Is It Really Possible to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work?

Is It Really Possible to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work?

March 05, 2020
If you approach it right, your long distance romance could be closer than some living in the same home.
If you approach it right, your long distance romance could be closer than some living in the same home.

Naysayers claim that long distance relationships are impossible. Couples are doomed to grow apart or find someone new. Statistically, many people do make long distance work in their relationship, so distance doesn't necessarily mean doom. What are the secrets that successful couples make work for them? 

Clearly Define the Relationship 

Before the separation, both parties need to understand what the relationship is and what the expectations are. Are you just dating? Dating with hopes for a future together? Engaged? Are you exclusive? Nailing down these details eliminates arguments, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and breakups due to one person having radically different ideas about what the relationship is to the other. Air out your feelings, and listen to what they're saying too. 

There Has to Be a Solid End Date for the Long Distance Thing 

About 70 percent of the long distance couples that do break up do so because of changes in plans. The ones that work make firm plans about how long the distance thing will last, where the other person is going to be, what they'll be doing, and exactly when the two will reunite. For example, if Johnny is supposed to come home after graduation, but takes a job in Detroit instead, his relationship with Sarah in Phoenix isn't likely to last. Set an end date, and stick to it. Not sure about when the distance ends? Get a psychic reading for clarity. 

You Must Maintain Communication 

Constant communication means different things to different people, but it certainly entails daily communications. Fortunately, today's couples have more resources than ever to stay in touch. In fact, getting creative about it brings in a level of excitement. Take advantage of Skype calls, instant messaging, social media sites, text messages, and traditional hand written letters to help each other feel like you're always there. 

Share Your Life as Much as Possible 

Though distance keeps you apart most of the time, you need to create treasured memories wherever the two of you are. Make (and keep) online dates, and visit in person as often as possible. Share the mundane, such as your history test score, as well as the extraordinary, such as your family trip to Disneyland. Making time together is important in any relationship, as your love psychic will tell you. 

Avoid Anything That Could Foster Jealousy 

Obviously, if the relationship is designated exclusive and one (or heaven forbid, both) partner strays, the relationship is doomed. This doesn't just mean staying out of other real relationships, it also means avoiding things that look to the other person like relationships, even if they're not. He might be cool with your guy BFF hanging at your place when he's in town, but it could be a different story when he's five states away. Be open about friendships, and if the other person is uncomfortable, take their concerns seriously. Don't brush off their worries, because that leads to more worry, mistrust, and eventually a breakup. 

By handling the distance the right way, you have a 60 percent chance of making it work. Essentially, the same rate of success as couples living close to each other. Good luck! 

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