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Is This Love, or Just a Hookup?

December 11, 2020 by Psychic Aelin x4179
Is he Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Now?
Is he Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Now?

Yikes! Catching feelings after promising yourself you wouldn't is pain. Lemon juice in a cut type pain. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if what you're feeling is true love or if it's just a fling because everything is so new and exciting. Maybe his beard looks so damn sexy because the last couple of guys you've been with didn't have one. Maybe her lips look so divine because she's killing it with that new lip-liner. How can you tell if it's love? You've come to the right place because you know your girl gets this question all day long. Let me break this down for you, the simple way. 

If you're asking yourself, "is it love?" then it's love. Full stop. The way society has been preaching love to you is straight-up wrong, and that's why the “L word” is so damn confusing. It might not be happily ever after, and maybe Steve from the bar isn't the Derek Shepherd to your Meredith Grey, but that's OK! You are allowed to have a love that isn't necessarily "forever." For instance, you may find yourself in love with someone's body but not their spirit. But starting to recognize your emotions and that you are, in fact, in love is paramount to understanding what comes next. 

The deeper question here is, what does that love mean. Maybe you've come to terms with loving your one-night stand for their personality and their looks, but you don't know what to do next. Perhaps you've already made a deal with your "fling-thing" that you wouldn't label your relationship. Maybe you've got a trillion reasons why nothing more serious would ever work out. Breathe. It's OK, and you're going to make it through this. Here's the advice you're really looking for: 

Wait for it. 

If you're in love, then you're enjoying whatever the hell this is. Whether it's just seeing them on weekends, or enjoying the chase of convincing them to spend another night, your soul is getting something from this. There's no rush to throw yourself in or yank yourself out. These moments before things go beautifully right or terribly wrong are so rare - so take time to enjoy the present. When the right moment comes along for you to either say those words or run for the hills, you'll know it. The universe doesn't make mistakes (except for the ending of Game of Thrones), and you are EXACTLY where you're meant to be. Wait for the universe's plan to unfold; don't force it. 

When I first met my husband, he was an obnoxious loudmouth who, in my mind, could not have been a bigger jerk. He tried to get me into bed on our first date, and I had no idea what to think. Part of me was saying to run the hell away, but some part of me had fallen in love. If I wouldn't have listened to my spirit, the same spirit I use to help people every day, I would have never married this beautiful, caring, sweet, genuine man I love. Listen to your heart, give people a chance, and who knows, love may find you unexpectedly.  

But girl, you and I both know you hate to wait. If you're looking for the real tea and you need answers right now, HMU and chat with one of our badass Psychics for accurate and direct answers to all these questions and more.  

We got your back! Happy loving. 

Psychic Aelin x4179
“Does this info resonate with you? If you need accurate, honest, and direct answers, then I’m your girl!” - Psychic Aelin x4179
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