Soul Mate Connections

Soul Mate Connections

April 29, 2019 by PathForward
Were the two of you truly meant to be together? A past life reading can tell you.
Were the two of you truly meant to be together? A past life reading can tell you.
What exactly is a soul mate?  Do you believe in them?  Soul mates are simply individuals who complement our most basic being to the point that a deep, seemingly mystical, bond exists.  In other words, there’s an inner knowing and a sense of comfort with the other person, as if we’ve known this person before.

And in actuality, the likelihood that you DO know the individual is extremely high.  The reason for this is because you’ve shared other lifetimes together.  This “knowing” is a recognition of the other person at a spiritual, energetic, emotional, and cellular level. For the purpose of this article, I’m going on the premise that you’re a believer in past life experiences.

When you have a deep connection with another person this generally means that you’ve had positive past life connections.  And, thus, you feel very safe, loving, and connected with the individual.  If there were bad experiences in place then you wouldn’t feel this deep seeded attachment in a positive way.  That’s not to say that we don’t having an inner knowing when we encounter someone whom we feel uncomfortable with. Also, soul mate connections are not just limited to romance.  We often have a soul mate connection with a child, friend, grandparent, mother, father, and so on.  But right now I’m mostly focusing on romantic soul mate connections. 

Men as well as woman can feel the soul mate connection—they’re not exempt from energetic and spiritual connectedness.  And it’s a very happy situation, indeed, when the two people involved acknowledge that they’ve chosen to be with one another in this lifetime to fulfill a spiritual contract to be together as a couple.

So, please do not discount your inner knowing when you have a soul mate connection with another person.  Allow yourself to go with the attraction that is felt at a very deep level.  The experience will be well worth the effort.

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