What do Men Want for Valentine's Day?
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What do Men Want for Valentine's Day?

June 14, 2021 by PathForward
Seeing her happy is all he really needs.
Seeing her happy is all he really needs.
Are you looking forward to a romantic date for Valentine’s Day? Do you have an idea of how it will be, creating the memory in your mind of how it should go? Maybe you’re picturing a romantic evening at the best restaurant in town or a walk in the park by the lake. Are you hoping to receive flowers, candy, and kisses in the dark?

But wait! A lot of us don’t realize how many men shy away from this holiday while women wait for the flowers, candy, and romantic night out. Valentine’s Day can be a very stressful day for some men. He might be reminded of the unhappy memories of failing a woman he disappointed in the past. Men feel pressured to meet these expectations—so much so that some of them will postpone meeting a new woman until Valentine’s Day has passed!

We know what women want.
Attention, romance, gifts; anything that suggests "he cares and I’m special."

But what do men want on Valentine’s Day?
Men are happiest when they’re making you happy. You can give a man expensive gifts and guess what: It won’t matter to him one bit if you’re not happy. Women are the ones who will call their girlfriends and complain about the gifts they didn’t get or brag about the ones they did—men don’t do this. It's not high on their priority list. Thinking that gifts are a sign that he cares is your way of thinking, not his. It’s not the way his mind works when he thinks of you!

So back to what a man wants from you on Valentine’s Day.
I know what you’re thinking: He’s just going to say sex, sex, sex because that’s all guys really want on V-day. Okay, you’re partially right, but there’s more.

He wants enthusiastic appreciation! He wants you to be happy with what he gives you and to see that look in your eyes that says it all. Hug him, kiss him, thank him and tell him that you can't wait to tell your girlfriends what you got. Showing him how much you appreciate what he’s doing and giving is all he wants. And that’s something he can carry throughout the entire year!

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