3 Ways to Handle the Debbie Downer at Work
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3 Ways to Handle the Debbie Downer at Work

June 16, 2021
Don't let them bring you down.
Don't let them bring you down.

While you might be an optimistic, upbeat person, not everyone around you is going to share the same positive outlook on life. As a result, you might be surrounded by Debbie Downers on a regular basis who put a damper on you daily - especially at the office.

It's easy to become depressed and feel less than content with yourself while you're at work - chances are, you're not engaging in fun, fulfilling activities as you tackle your office responsibilities. That being said, you don't have to let others' negativity rub off on you and affect your productivity on a regular basis. Here are some tips on how to deal with pessimistic people in your daily life.

1. Redirect the conversation.

Regardless of what they're talking about, Debbie Downers always have a way of making a great day more depressing with their input. However, there are ways that you can keep the tone of a conversation with a pessimist light and airy. American Express Open Forum recommends changing the topic of discussion, whether it's about something as simple as the weather or a headline you read in the paper. Doing so can immediately divert the attention of the speaker and put less of a damper on the conversation.

2. Talk about it, then move on.

When a distraction (such as a Debbie Downer) starts to negatively impact your life, you'll likely want to talk to someone about it, which is completely natural. WorkAwesome.com states that there's nothing wrong with venting to a close friend or family member. However, it's important to move on once you're done. Don't dwell on issues and people you can't change. Let out your emotions, then continue on with your positive life.

3. Speak to your psychic.

The best way to cope with the negativity in your life is to speak to your psychic, whether you're having issues with someone at work or one of your close friends. During an online psychic reading, you can learn to see things from the Debbie Downer's point of view - perhaps you have the situation all wrong in your head. Maybe there's a reason for the negativity  he or she exerts at the office. That being said, better understanding the individual can help you develop a plan to block out the pessimism on a regular basis.

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