Finding My Path: Before I was a Psychic
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Finding My Path: Before I was a Psychic

September 07, 2022 by PathForward

Before they were Psychics...

From working 9-5 jobs to spiritual awakenings, near-death experiences, and furthering education, gifted PathForward Psychics share their backstory on where they were before they became Psychic Advisors. Find out what events shaped and motivated their path to a metaphysical career – you might be surprised! Their stories are an inspirational calling to go after your dreams and trust that anything is possible.

Psychic Christine x4063

Before finding my calling as a Psychic, I explored a few different avenues. While I was growing up, I often felt like I did not “fit in” with other people. I did trust my gut feeling more than logic often, lol. This was a process for me moving into adulthood. Mostly everyone else around me trusted facts and reason exclusively. I have always had a strong desire to expand my horizons and personal development, which was always enriching and inspiring. I got a degree in business and worked in that field for a brief time. I found more enjoyment in exploring the creative arts as an instructor, primarily focusing on the field of electronic publishing using Apple/Mac technologies. I worked for years through an esteemed local art college. I am happily married and raised two wonderful children and a variety of pets along the way.

The spiritual and intuitive paths continued to call louder and louder to get my attention. My health was becoming more challenging, and I felt like I had hit a crossroads. I started to trust my inner wisdom more and took a big leap. I enrolled and graduated from a very intense international life coaching program focusing on connecting with others, and reading their energy, remotely. This was followed by working with additional online learning opportunities and working directly with a highly regarded mentor in the metaphysical arts for several years to expand my horizons further. All this led me to join PathForward and my amazing advisor team providing predictions, insights, downloads, spiritual wisdom, tarot, oracle, angel cards, and so much more. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Psychic Judy x7037

Before I entered the psychic field, I performed inspections on daycares in my surrounding area. I was always very good at feeling things going on in rooms I was not in. For instance, if someone tried to hide the number of children in their daycare, I could feel the children in the other room without being in it. This was a very helpful gift because I could create a safer environment for children.

At a very early age of thirteen years old, my father died, and I desperately wanted to communicate with him, and I began to seek ways to try and communicate with him. This was very easy for me because I was always connecting in the higher realms because of the abuse I was subjected to in my childhood. I was always looking for a way out of the abuse that was going on around me and to me. Although I did not share my ability with others around me, it was easy for me to do it every day. I could read people around me and know things about them that no one had ever told me. I could also see things that would happen in the present and future. Most of all, I was able to receive messages from my deceased father that brought me great comfort.

As life went on, I had other life-changing events that heightened my ability to connect at higher levels. One of which was a tragic accident. The accident created a near-death experience that enabled me to reach even higher realms. After this experience, I decided to use my gift to help others here on the line.

I am grateful to be here today to serve and create a difference for anyone that crosses my path. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you in creating the clarity you may seek.

Psychic Thea x4211

Before finding my path as a Psychic Advisor, I had unbearable migraines all day long accompanied by vertigo for two months. No doctor could tell me what was happening or prescribe anything that gave me any relief. As a spiritual person, I sought help from an African shaman who told me that my health issues were due to spiritual matters that needed attention. Within two weeks of mind-blowing healing sessions with her, my migraines and vertigo completely healed.

Upon completing my last session with the shaman, she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Your ancestors would like you to harness your spiritual gifts,” one being psychic abilities. I was so amazed by the miraculous healing that I figured it couldn’t hurt to listen to what she had to say. Shortly after, I found a psychic and mediumship development class near me and started attending every week, not once thinking I would ever be a psychic medium nor make a career out of it. My eyes opened to so much more in life that I was blind to, and a new passion started to grow inside me. Through developing my abilities and seeing what was possible with my own eyes, I realized that I was passionate about empowering people through readings and have been doing it ever since!

Psychic Raina x4177

As a little girl, I witnessed the trauma of myself and others. I soon realized I couldn’t stop these bad things from happening, but I could help people heal from them! I received a college degree in Child Studies, and after completing my thesis on coping strategies, a university degree in Psychology. Unfortunately, I could not continue pursuing my career as a psychologist and fell into a series of unfulfilling jobs due to health issues resulting from spiritual disease. I had to find a new way. Then, a voice informed me that my third eye was blocked and that I had to honor the gifts I had long denied to regain my health.

Coming from a long line of seers and healers, the idea wasn’t too far-fetched, and I knew I had gifts, but I found them mostly impractical, like a Swiss army knife that is very useful in a pinch. Through the gift of tarot, I built a relationship with my Spirit Guide and, eventually, a whole slew of them. With trust in them, I took a leap of faith and began my long and fulfilling journey as a healer and seer.

I now live a healthier, happier, and more wholesome life with great purpose and fulfillment. I get the honor of touching the hearts of those I meet through PathForward, the readers I connect with as a professional writer, and clients I guide as a spiritual life coach. Never forget, “We often meet our fate on the path we take to avoid it,” so trust the process and enjoy the journey.

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