Your Co-Workers as Zodiac Signs
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Your Co-Workers as Zodiac Signs

August 30, 2021
Go ahead, check your co-workers's birth charts to figure out who to ask for help on that big project.
Go ahead, check your co-workers's birth charts to figure out who to ask for help on that big project.

Looking for some insight into your co-workers? Then look to astrology! Our Psychic Advisors can help you better understand the intersection between the Zodiac and work-place drama.

But for now, let's just take a walk around the office and scope out what kind of Zodiac energies different types of co-workers give off, starting with... 

Aries: The Project Smasher

You know that one co-worker with boundless energy and enthusiasm? Don't be surprised if you peek at their birth chart and see that they're an Aries. As one of the most outwardly ambitious folks on the Zodiac, Aries will butt heads until they get everyone to deliver the best project out there. Your super-driven Aries co-worker may wear you out sometimes, but you're glad to have their driving attitude to see projects through to the end.

Cancer: The Lone Wolf

Your Cancer co-worker is the one who prefers to work alone, at their own pace. Don't worry, though, if this co-worker literally closes the door on you in the middle of a work talk. Cancers always come back to the group with thoughtful and thorough contributions. It's just that tons of stories and noise make Cancers' skin crawl. So, don't stress out if your co-worker looks like they're living in their own world. This lone wolf will deliver come crunch time.

Capricorn: The “Work Hard, Play Hard”

Serious worker from 9 to 5, serious partier from 5 to 9 — that's a Capricorn co-worker for you. These reliable folks work harder than just about anyone while they're on the job; but that serious attitude at work completely flips the moment they clock out! Capricorns are just as likely to show their (very!) free side at after-work events as they are to excel at their work-related tasks.

Scorpio: The Problem Solver

Determined and passionate, Scorpios thrive on challenge. That makes your Scorpio co-worker your go-to when you have a problem in the office. This birth sign takes on difficulties and challenges with the same passion they apply to, oh, just about everything in their day-to-day existence! They don't let fear get in their way, so you can count on your Scorpio co-worker to roll up their sleeves until they've resolved any problem that comes their way.

Aries: The Candy Keeper

Okay okay, so we already mentioned Aries once. But the boundless energy an Aries exhibits can translate into another workplace personality. If you're looking for a co-worker to win the "most likely to have a bowl of candy on their desk" award, you'll find it in an Aries. Their endless positivity means an at-work Aries does everything with tons of enthusiasm, all while aching for endless appreciation. When an Aries co-worker isn't busy smashing projects, they're likely offering up sweet treats to boost everyone else's morale.

If you're looking for more insight into how you can interact with your different co-workers based on their Zodiac signs, our Psychics can help. Get a psychic reading so you can decide which co-worker to ask for help troubleshooting that big report or crushing that huge presentation.


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