5 Unexpected Celebrities Who Depend on Psychic Advice by PathForward Psychics

5 Unexpected Celebrities Who Depend on Psychic Advice by PathForward Psychics

September 14, 2016
Bet you didn't expect to see Brad Pitt visiting your neighborhood psychic.
Bet you didn't expect to see Brad Pitt visiting your neighborhood psychic.
Fortune, fame, looks, talent. It's hard to picture celebrities searching for answers, like one of us. In truth, everyone needs some reassurance once in a while, whether it be about events from our past or uncertainties about our futures. So don't be shocked when you learn about these celebrities who consult psychics, and the perfectly normal reasons for doing so. 

1. Hunky Husband Brad Pitt 
Brad has an awesome body, beautiful face, mountains of cash, a house full of adorable kids, and a wife that most men would cut their arms off to get. What on Earth could he need with psychic advice? Psychic to the stars Ron Bard isn't talking, and neither is Brad. But it is confirmed that Brad is a regular at Ron's practice. Wouldn't you love to be a tarot card on that table? 

2. Sexy Mamma Sarah Jessica Parker 
Perhaps Sarah learned that 38 percent of married couples who receive traditional marriage counseling end up divorced, according to an article on Livestrong.com. Or, maybe the Sex in the City superstar and mother of three just isn't the traditional type. Whatever her reasoning, when she and hubby Matthew Broderick (the one and only Ferris Bueller) started having marital problems, they headed to a psychic for help. Though details are non-existent, since their 16-year marriage is still in tact, it's a safe bet that it worked as well as, if not better than, traditional marriage counseling. 

3. The Forever-21 Cameron Diaz 
You might think that the beauty, longevity, spunk, and cuteness of Diaz were all she needed for a happily ever after with Prince Charming. But after a long string of bad relationship luck with men including Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto, model Paul Sculfor, and controversial baseball player Alex Rodriguez, Diaz turned to a psychic for guidance. The psychic has reportedly assured her that her true desire: Long-lasting love and a house full of gorgeous children, will one day come true. 

4. A-List Actor and Political Activist George Clooney 
Long known as one of the last true gentlemen (especially in the cutthroat world of Hollywood), Clooney is outspoken about his beliefs, kind and gracious to his exes, and also manages to woo us repeatedly to the box office. Would he visit a psychic to contact an important historical figure like Abraham Lincoln? Or perhaps his beloved deceased aunt, Rosemary? Actually, Clooney saw his psychic to reconnect with his longest true love, his pot-bellied pig, Max. From the afterlife, Max was able to express his satisfaction at a full, love-filled life so Clooney could let him rest in peace. 

5. Ravishing, Rocking, Roaring Rihanna 
It's lonely at the top, and nobody has been more on top of her game than Rihanna since making her way from obscurity to a household name at light speed. Part of the loneliness may come from worry about that long fall back to the bottom, which is exactly why Rihanna sought psychic readings. She is already worried about losing her fame and regularly speaks to her psychic to see into her future and assure herself she's going to continue to succeed. 

Are you shocked at who's on the list? Perhaps you shouldn't be. Great looks, fame, and money don't erase the basic human need for consolation and advice. After all, inside celebrities are just as insecure and curious as everyone else! 

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