An Undying Love; Signs a Lost Love is trying to reach you from Beyond
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An Undying Love; Signs a Lost Love is trying to reach you from Beyond

October 05, 2022 by Psychic Armin x4088
A Love is never truly lost. Learn about signs that someone from Beyond is trying to contact you.
A Love is never truly lost. Learn about signs that someone from Beyond is trying to contact you.

Death is the most difficult aspect of living. Dealing with the passage of a loved one is also one of life’s most heartbreaking experiences. The loss in losing a loved companion is overwhelming. The inevitable grief is excruciating in its finality. While an ending to a life lived in the physical world, a new life continues in the spiritual realm. There is comfort in knowing that we can contact deceased loved ones. Knowing the signs and signals makes it possible to retain a connection. Not only can a tie be maintained, but it is also possible to communicate with them. Messages can even flow both ways.

Powerful feelings follow the loss of a beloved one on emotional and spiritual levels. Bereavement is the process of grief and mourning that follows a passage. Experiencing this means cycling through emotions like profound sadness, emptiness, despair, numbness, regret, guilt, and shock. You can even experience anger at others, yourself, and the situation of a dearly departed’s passing. There can also follow denial that the person you loved so dearly is gone. It can be a struggle to just simply function.

The intensity of loss depends on how one passed, how much time was spent anticipating the loss, and your history of coping with grief. Each situation is indeed unique.

Coupled with the emotional stress comes the ending of principle elements that accompany a relationship. The companion you thought would be with you is gone, permanently.  A void has been created.  Losing a romantic partner also means the loss of important aspects of daily living. There is the absence of that person, the shared history you have built, and future plans. It also means the loss of the spiritual life you have shared. Now you are literally on your own.

Are Message from Beyond Real?

Is it possible for the ones who have passed on to communicate with us? Could sounds alone be messages from heaven from loved ones? Yes! Signs of deceased loved ones reaching out to the living can be found.

One indication that a loved one is near, or trying to communicate from beyond, is via auditory signs. Sound is a common method used by those who have passed on to let us know they are thinking of those they have loved. The types of sounds they use are varied.

Hearing a voice is one communication venue that signals that dead loved ones want to reach out to the living. Those voices can be one singular voice, or they can be a combination of others. Sometimes the voice can sound like that of the departed. In some instances, the sound of their voice can be muffled, stifled, or even sound like an echo. The voice tone can be unfamiliar as well. 

The common element the voices share is that they are not the same as the voice of the person being addressed.  Some have reported the voices having an “otherworldly” feel that sounds decidedly different from their voices while living.

Signs a Lost Love is Trying to Contact You

Loved ones have a variety of methods of reaching out to us.  Below are just a few of the many ways they may utilize.

  • Touch. You may feel like someone is touching you, say a sense of a hand on the shoulder, a repetitive pattern of patting on the back, or even a hug. Other forms of affection like a kiss or hand holding are methods of communication used by loved ones to let you know they care, value, and still love you beyond the world of the living.
  • Fragrance. Scents are one distinct marker of individuals. This can also be a tool to let you know that your beloved is thinking of you in the fondest of terms.  The scent can be a favorite perfume, cologne, aftershave, or other personal care product. But scents are not confined to the body. The smell of flowers, specific foods, locations, events, and even other people are all signs of communication. This is particularly true if you are in a place where such fragrances are not found.
  • Appearances. Either in a state of being awake, sleeping or in that “in-between zone,” you may see a visual representation of the deceased. These appearances will frequently take place in a bedroom. The form they take can be a full body where you see the entire person as if alive and well. Partial images, say from the chest up, or simply a loved one’s face can appear. The person can also appear transparent, or even translucent. The apparel they wear can vary from familiar clothes to clothing that may be unfamiliar. They can also appear hazy and mist-like rather than solid.
  • Dreams.  Often dreams are a way they communicate. Visitation dreams are when they come to you to speak directly. Unlike dreams you may forget, these dreams can last much longer and remain fresh in the memory many years after the fact.
  • Symbols.  Images of flowers, butterflies, and birds in chevron flight, can be signs that a significant other is attempting to communicate using a symbolic language. If you locate a feather in an unlikely place, a coin, or some object connected to the departed, this is an indication they are thinking of you.
  • Glimpses. You may experience an image of the loved one in heaven.  This is more like a two-dimensional presentation that appears in the mind when your eyes are closed.

The passage of a loved one is hard because of its finality. Death means dealing with endpoints, and sometimes they are sudden, unexpected, and tragic.  The void left by a loved one moving on to the next life means ending plans, expectations, and the hopes of a lifetime connection.  The grief and the mourning, and all that comes with it, can be traumatic.  However, it is possible to connect with a passed loved one. Comfort can be found in knowing that they are safe and secure and still wanting to connect with those left behind. 

If you recently lost a loved one and need support or want to make a connection to the departed, give me or another expert Psychic Medium a call. I highly suggest scheduling an appointment so there is plenty of time to make a connection and receive all the loving messages that await you.

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